Igloo for Hospitality

In the hospitality business, to attract customers – and keep them coming back – you need to deliver a superior service experience. It starts with finding good staff,  but you can’t stop there. You need to make sure they stick around. To do that, and to ensure your customer service stands out, employees must be engaged, informed, and connected to each other – and the company. That’s where Igloo comes in.

Solutions for Hospitality

Onboarding Center
Employee Handbook

Recognition Center
Leadership Corner
Brand Portal

The customer is always right. But your people are always first.

Igloo helps you engage and onboard your people so they’re equipped with the tools and training they need to represent your brand. By keeping your people happy and loyal, they’ll deliver the kind of service that will keep your customers happy and loyal, too.

Ensure everyone’s aligned

Make sure your people understand your brand – and that they’re trained to deliver on it from the get go. Igloo’s community-building tools unite people around a common vision so everyone’s on the same page.

Connect with ease

Igloo’s mobile-first platform provides staff with the flexibility to connect when and how they choose. A must in a shift work environment, where schedules are changing and employees are often without computers.

Let people have a say

Give people a voice and they’ll use it to steer your organization to a better place. One that delivers better service. Igloo helps you create a two-way conversation that boosts loyalty and reduces turnover.

Solutions to your hospitality challenges

With intuitive and easy-to-use features and ready-made solutions, Igloo can help solve the unique challenges you face every day – and those that haven’t come up yet – in the hospitality business.

Onboarding solution for intranet software

Engage people early

Get new hires up to speed – fast. With onboarding tools like a welcome area, a training hub, and FAQs, they can hit the ground running.

Onboarding Center

Employee handbook solution for intranet software

It’s in the handbook

Employees don’t have to guess when they’ve got a go-to resource that includes all the information they need to know about their workplace.

Employee Handbook

Newsroom solution for intranet software

The latest updates

Keep staff in the loop with blogs and targeted news channels – announce promotions, offers, team updates, and more.


Recognition solution for intranet software

Give kudos

A staff member going the extra mile can mean the difference between a one-time customer and a loyal one. Recognize and reward your people.

Recognition Center

Leadership solution for intranet software

Thoughts from the top

Put a face on the leadership team and give employees a say. It’s an easy way to build loyalty, gather feedback, and engage your people.

Leadership Corner

Brand portal solution for intranet software

Prioritize branding

What sets you apart? Build brand awareness and get everyone on board, with brand assets and updates in one easy-to-navigate place.

Brand Portal


Give status updates, share links, and more. It’s a quick way to connect with colleagues.

Discuss company news, share ideas, and have your say.

Document, update, and share policies and best practices by authors and topics.

Use shared calendars to keep everyone up to date on promotions and other events.

Set up areas for collaborating across teams, projects, venues, or committees.

People Directory
Connect with colleagues and learn who’s who across the organization.