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Build safety and performance into your oil & gas workforce from day one

Getting the most out of your workforce means including everyone

Every employee, from the oil rig to the head office, has an important role in keeping the supply flowing safely. Igloo simplifies the task of communicating, collaborating, and managing across the many roles in an oil & gas organization, making it easier to reduce costs, improve safety, and enhance performance.

Make every drop count

With a mobile app for the frontlines and a desktop intranet for your office workers, Igloo gives every employee their own role-specific way to engage with the central intranet. But it's more than just a method of streamlining work; it's also a powerful tool that gives leaders the visibility they need to address inefficiencies and improve output across the organization.

Approach sustainability targets the smart way

As regulations tighten and the industry shifts, there's increasing value in low-carbon initiatives and other sustainability goals. Igloo's flexibility and depth of engagement features, like targeted notifications for mobile users and collaboration spaces for desktop users, gives your organization a stronger connection to the mission and more effective ways to contribute to solutions.

Increase safety and retain talent

Elevate your frontline safety strategy and show workers in rigs and refineries that you value their well-being. A suite of targeted communications tools enables your office staff to deliver policies directly to frontline teams through the Igloo Flex Mobile App, ensuring everyone has the knowledge and training to stay safe and feel supported in their work.


Resources for those who fuel the world

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