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Keep your projects on track with an intranet for those who build

This intranet engages every tradesman, manager, architect, and more

Igloo is designed for frontline-heavy industries like construction, where connecting people on job sites with people in offices is the key to reducing costs and keeping projects on schedule.

Keep construction moving smoothly

Igloo delivers the single platform that simplifies construction management across everyone involved. Targeted communications tools will be your new favorite way to keep critical information flowing to frontline teams thanks to a robust desktop experience and a flexible mobile app. Keep your full workforce mobilized with the tools to communicate more effectively.

Retain the labor that gets the job done to your standards

Managing, tracking, and retaining your labor is the key to staying on-time and on-budget. Igloo's intranet is designed to engage and empower the frontlines with tools that make it easier for them to navigate the workday and stay on task, allowing for a more focused, productive, and happy workforce. When your frontline labor feels supported and empowered by an Igloo intranet, it's easy to retain your best employees.

Manage supply costs and job site efficiency the smart way

With the complexity of any construction project, there are lots of ways for costs to balloon—and just as many ways they can be saved. An Igloo intranet centralizes the many documents, workflows, communications, and collaborations within a project, giving you the power to identify inefficiencies and resolve challenges before they affect the bottom line.

Resources for those who build

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