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The first intranet designed to modernize agriculture and forestry workforces

From farm to table faster with an intranet that supports agriculture and forestry

Even industries so established as agriculture and forestry can benefit from a modern intranet designed to connect workers outdoors with workers at desks. Igloo offers every employee a tailored way to share and communicate via mobile app or desktop intranet, making it easier to connect on cost-savings, efficiency, and sustainability initiatives.

Drive tech adoption and training to keep your harvest on schedule

Your technology is only as good as the level of adoption, and a legacy workforce complicates that in the forestry and agriculture industries. Igloo centralizes your tech stack and training resources in a package that's easy to understand for frontline workers. By delivering integrations and training in a role-specific mobile app, Igloo helps your frontline users build their digital skills and work more productively with your other digital tools.

Don't let logistics bottleneck your logging season

With access to powerful communication tools on everyone's phone or computer, Igloo creates transparency that supports greater efficiency; frontline workers have a way to identify and report problems in real time from a mobile device, while leaders get visibility and analytics to identify under-performing shipping partners, fix inefficient maintenance workflows, bridge gaps in training, and get your products to market faster.

Simplify your sustainability goals

Igloo centralizes the knowledge, policies, legal documents, and even the discussions and collaboration that sustain regulatory compliance programs. By leveraging Igloo's content management framework, agriculture and forestry businesses can ensure everyone has easy access to the most recent information, whether that's the latest policy draft for office workers to review, or a helpful set of FAQs to keep frontline labor habits aligned with emissions targets.


Resources for those who move our world forward

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