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An engaging digital employee experience reduces turnover

Did you know that it costs ~1.5x an employee's annual salary to back-fill their position?1

High turnover hurts the bottom line, but you have the power to stop it.

Keep your talent happy, productive, and loyal

When employee turnover is increasing across the board, especially in frontline industries, it’s easy to feel as though retention is futile. The good news is that employee retention is easier than you might think.


Employees leave for a few common reasons: limited career growth, poor work-life balance, and lackluster company culture. When you leverage a powerful intranet like Igloo to address these pain points, it’s surprisingly easy to retain your talent.

Make every worker feel valued

Employees who feel valued will stay at a company longer, and work harder in that time. An Igloo intranet offers multiple channels to celebrate individual achievements publically, including social zones, announcements, and newsrooms. Two-way communication channels also empower workers to offer feedback and feel heard, increasing their sense of belonging.

Show them their true potential

The majority of workers need to see a path upward to stay engaged in the long-term. Use Igloo’s powerful communication and content publication tools to cultivate a culture of top-down transparency, providing regular updates on hires and promotions while setting more specific expectations for mobility within the corporate structure.

Curate a culture that builds enthusiasm

By building out an engaging intranet full of valuable resources that everyone can access from a desktop or a mobile app, Igloo helps organizations elevate their culture and drive engagement not only with the corporate mission, but with their peers as well.

Strike the optimal work-life balance

Deliver new policies directly to those who need them, while making existing vacation policies, benefits FAQs, and HR resources easily searchable and accessible to users on laptops and smartphones alike. What’s more, a vibrant Igloo homepage is a great place to announce new wellness initiatives, or share pictures of corporate retreats.

Use your people to keep your people

It's often the interpersonal connections that keep people engaged with work, even during crunch time. Igloo places a strong emphasis on the peer-to-peer connections that bring the digital employee experience to life; by leveraging social zones, employee directories, team rooms, and other collaborative spaces in an Igloo intranet, it's no challenge to build powerful bonds that not only retain employees, but help boost the flow of knowledge and productivity, too.

Limit burnout

Digital friction is a major drain on enthusiasm and productivity in offices, where overlapping digital tools add more work than they solve. Even on the frontlines, though, digital friction is silently driving burnout and turnover.


Igloo is uniquely positioned to address both sides of this equation by simplifying the landscape of apps into a single, central workplace that offers each person the right tools at the right time. For office workers, this could mean a better way to find existing knowledge without sifting through dozens of emails and chats. For frontline workers, it means they don't have to spend their whole break trying to track down a pay stub or submit their availability.

Retain your talent with the right mix of Igloo features

Build a workplace that inspires employees to achieve more and stay longer with Igloo features that engage and support every worker.

Social Feeds

Encourage vibrant conversations and peer-to-peer engagement across the organization for a greater sense of community.
members icon

Extended Access

No corporate email address? No problem. Include every member of your workforce in the productivity and culture of your intranet.
mobile icon

Igloo Flex Mobile

The new Igloo Flex Mobile app gives your mobile users the tools they need to become a more unified workforce.


Make your digital workplace match your brand by customizing the color scheme, logos, fonts, and more.
polls icon


Understand your organization better by quickly polling users within a space or page.
Forums icon


Foster an interactive digital culture by giving employees an outlet to share ideas, ask questions, and have discussions.
Spaces icon


Give teams, departments, and clubs their own areas to centralize collaboration on important projects like deals, events... you name it!
org chart icon

Org charts

Navigate and connect across the organizational structure to get access to subject matter experts faster.

Stop hiring, and start retaining

Chat with an Igloo expert to see how you can address turnover and move forward with confidence.