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One solution that supports productivity for every worker

Just 53% of employees say they have the technology they need at work1

When workplace technology doesn’t meet employees’ needs, productivity suffers.

Give every worker the right technology for their specific job

Lackluster frontline apps and outdated office intranets don't connect the dots for your employees. To do their best work, your teams need the complex landscape of people, information, and digital tools to be presented as logical, streamlined processes and workflows. Workers in factories need a quick way to report machinery malfunctions, and desked professionals need to find travel expense policies without messaging half the HR team.


A single, central platform with tailor-made mobile and desktop experiences is the key to delivering the right information and tools faster, so your employees can get back to doing what they do best.

Get more value from your apps

Navigating the growing number of productivity apps is a job in itself, and it takes time that could be better spent on core tasks. Igloo integrates with the leading productivity apps, weaving them into intuitive, centralized processes that reduce effort and encourage employees to leverage these tools to their fullest. With your tools in one place, your employees can get back to doing what’s important.

“Our move to Igloo provided the flexibility we required to make our merger and acquisition activities possible.”

See how Leidos leverages Igloo’s depth and flexibility to target widespread performance across dozens of teams and countries.

Turn your information pathways into superhighways

People can only work with the knowledge, policies, and instructions they have access to. When all the ideas and work-product of your organization are organized in a logical, searchable environment and delivered to those who need them, your employees can spend more time working and less time replicating tasks, searching for information, and making preventable (and costly) mistakes.


Igloo makes your knowledge and communications available through enhanced search, targeted content delivery, intelligent content recommendations, and a host of other smart features that ensure everyone has the right information to be more productive in their different roles.

Get the features that support productivity

Everyone works differently, especially from frontlines to offices. Igloo has the breadth of features to empower everyone to get more done in their specific roles, while remaining connected across the desked-deskless gap that traditionally divides organizations and slow progress.


Relevant content and communications get you to your desired results faster.

Robust Integrations

Built to be your one-stop-shop, Igloo is ready to integrate and elevate.
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Extended Access

No corporate email address? No problem. Include every member of your workforce in the productivity and culture of your intranet.
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Igloo Digital Assistant

Intelligently integrate your key tasks, business apps, and reminders into a persistent sidebar that enables immediate action.
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Make it easy for users to login to your digital workplace with LDAP, SSO, and Igloo Authentication.
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Simplify project management by assigning and tracking to-do items, reminders, and requests for your team.
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Help your employees get to work faster with customizable, interchangeable user dashboards that include tasks, integrations, feeds, widgets, and more.

Enhanced search

Spend less time searching and more time finding the files, spaces, or people you need to get work done quickly.

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Learn how an Igloo digital workplace tailored for your organization can boost your productivity in the ways that matter.