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Intranet solutions built to empower

Your intranet technology needs empower the people who build your success. Igloo builds digital workplaces with the tools to bring their visions to life. Head office, home office, or frontlines, Igloo unites and empowers.

Gartner® Report: Strategic Roadmap: What Is the Digital Workplace of 2027 and How Do I Get There?

You have questions. We have solutions.

After more than 14 years building tailored digital workplaces for every industry, there are no questions we haven’t heard – and solved. We can help you skip the endless troubleshooting, and get you to the solutions that move your business forward today.

How can I establish a strong digital culture that gets people excited to succeed?

Culture is what sets your organization apart and gets your team excited to engage with each new challenge. This important part of your identity suffers when so much work, remote or in-office, takes place on a computer. Igloo offers the tools your team needs to bring the best aspects of your physical office to a lively digital workplace that unifies your people, no matter where or how they work.

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How can I improve productivity and results across my organization?

Employees spend an average of 17 hours each week searching for and validating information. This isn’t just lost time; it’s a constant source of frustration that leads to apathy and subpar work. Igloo builds digital workplaces that arm your leaders with the tools to reduce roadblocks, improve information access, and boost results while improving morale.


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How can I encourage collaboration, especially between remote, hybrid, or frontline teams?

With so many people working across so many different places, apps, and functions, collaboration becomes fractured and ineffective. Igloo helps your leadership, HR, and communications teams build the structures that build unity across the entire organization. Igloo empowers your teams to work better together under a single digital roof with creative and effective ways to integrate your existing knowledge, and apps into new collaborative processes.

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How should I measure the success of my intranet solution?

The right digital workplace is one that offers your stakeholders the tools to solve their most pressing challenges. So how can you measure the success of a unique, ever-evolving implementation? Easy. Igloo works with your stakeholders as a member of the team, helping to set clear goals for your digital workplace that can be measured as KPIs and discrete objectives. As your company evolves, we continue to offer support, answers, and solutions to the people at your company who make things happen.

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Key benefits

The right digital workplace platform is one that grows alongside you and your goals. Igloo continuously delivers new enhancements as the landscape shifts, so your people always have the flexibility to respond to business needs as they evolve.

Increase employee productivity

De-fragment your organization. When your employees have all the tools they need in a single, intuitive workspace, roadblocks crumble and work gets done faster.

Improve employee engagement

Remote, in-office, or frontline, everyone’s workday is becoming more difficult to navigate. Igloo helps you build a digital workplace that brings enthusiasm back to your mission.

Enhance employee unification

Everyone contributes to your organization's success in a different way. Igloo creates the solutions your diverse contributors need to share, collaborate, contribute, and succeed together.

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One solution for desked and deskless

When your bottom-line rests on your deskless workers, the technology you offer them should reflect that reality. Igloo Software builds solutions to close that tech gap and empower your frontline workforce to new levels of productivity. 

Resources for your workplace

How do we succeed when the world changes every day? By learning new things just as often. See what’s new in the world of work, and catch the trends you may have missed.

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In today’s hybrid work environment, one thing is clear: work will never be the same. To help organizations keep remote workers productive and engaged, we’ve compiled four key trends driving the digital workplace in 2022.

New Lessons for a Successful Intranet Implementation

Having worked closely on intranet implementation with more companies that I can count, I’ve noticed a few common mistakes that can have lasting effects on the success of a digital workplace. Let’s look at three of the most common stumbling blocks made during digital workplace implementations, and how you can avoid them.

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