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Targeted training builds a stronger workforce

58% of the workforce will need new skill sets to do their jobs1

Train a high-performance team, even beyond onboarding

Training doesn't stop at onboarding. The best employees are constantly learning, growing, and becoming more competent in their roles—and the best employers actively encourage that professional growth so that the company can continually target bigger goals.


Igloo supports the continuous learning and growth of your employee base, whether that means delivering a new employee handbook to your frontline retail staff, or integrating with your favorite learning management system in the office. Targeted, one-time communications can sharpen your approach further—why not broadcast a clever, time-saving tip to your warehouse staff, or send your sales team an invite to a networking event?

Personalize training for greater impact

Your teams may share certain priorities, but especially across the frontline-office gap, the daily workload looks very different. Igloo allows you offers every different team a personalized training experience that accurately reflects their responsibilities. Most importantly, the Igloo Mobile app and Igloo desktop intranet experience ensure that desked and deskless alike can access training with ease.

Understand your users better

Training is a two-way street. Despite our best efforts, it can be hard to know if the training we deliver is truly relevant or useful to the people on the receiving end—particularly on the frontlines. Igloo fosters two-way communications and allows for detailed insights and analytics that help administrators understand how the training content is being consumed, and whether it's having the desired effect.

Close the skills gap

A major pain point, particularly for frontline-heavy industries, is the gap in digital skills between workers in different parts of the organization. The right digital platform isn't just one with expansive technical abilities—it's one that makes those capabilities accessible, even to those without strong computer skills. Igloo makes it possible to create digital employee experiences for users of all skill levels, and it simplifies the process of delivering training to elevate those skills across the board.

Simplify training with the right features

Whether you're closing the digital skills gap or building a continuous learning program that weaves training into everyday life, Igloo has the features to make it happen.

Sentiment Analysis

Uncover the challenges and obstacles your employees are facing for a greater ability to ensure job satisfaction.


Relevant content and communications get you to your desired results faster.
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Extended Access

No corporate email address? No problem. Include every member of your workforce in the productivity and culture of your intranet.
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Igloo Digital Assistant

Intelligently integrate your key tasks, business apps, and reminders into a persistent sidebar that enables immediate action.
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Igloo Flex Mobile

The new Igloo Flex Mobile app gives your mobile users the tools they need to become a more unified workforce.

Custom Reports

Is there more that you want to do with your data? Igloo’s data feeds provide complete flexibility in custom reporting, so you can understand every corner of your digital workplace.
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Make the full knowledge of your organization accessible and searchable with wikis about projects, departments, policies, best practices, and more.
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Org charts

Navigate and connect across the organizational structure to get access to subject matter experts faster.

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