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The insights to move your business forward

Data drives decisions that move your business in the right direction. Igloo’s full suite of analytics tools and integrations gives your administrators, communicators, and content creators the ability to optimize habits, improve messaging, and create engaging content in your digital workplace.

Analytics for every purpose

Whether your in-house team is up for the task or you need support from our developers and partners, we’ll make sure you have the tools you need to create an all-in-one digital workplace experience.

Custom Reports

Is there more that you want to do with your data? Igloo’s data feeds provide complete flexibility in custom reporting, so you can understand every corner of your digital workplace.

Learn how people engage

Leverage analytics to learn where your users are coming from and what devices they’re using so you can improve your content and delivery.

Build better pages

Improve your page design by assessing critical data including time-on-page, bounce rates, heat maps, scroll depth, and user attention.

Understand user flow

Improve your navigation and information architecture by examining traffic patterns and pathways in your digital workplace.

Optimize content

Optimize content and delivery by understanding how users engage through likes, comments, and views in your Igloo intranet.

Find your champions

Identify key creators and consumers in your intranet, and empower leaders in each category to drive further adoption and engagement.

Monitor intranet health

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your digital workplace by tracking various types of activity and engagement over time and adjusting accordingly.

See how we can help

Find out how Igloo’s data solutions can solve your specific business challenges, from engagement to policy adherence.