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Work smarter with better knowledge management

If employees are your most valuable asset, then the knowledge they acquire is a close second. share and publish that knowledge with better search capabilities and accessibility on the frontlines or behind a desk.

The average employee spends 9 hours each week searching for information1

What would you do if you could put those hours to better use?

Streamline knowledge sharing

Lost knowledge is lost capital. But when you gather all the knowledge that currently lives in apps, hard drives, desk drawers, and employees’ heads, and put it in a single workspace, you can put it all to work to make better (and faster) decisions that drive the business forward. Igloo lets you centralize that wealth of information so everyone knows where and how to access the resources they need.

Get more from your knowledge

Knowledge isn't just a valuable resource for desked workers. On the frontlines, workers who can't easily find answers will simply do things their own way, often to the detriment of brand, production, efficiency, quality, and safety.


The easy solution is to leverage Igloo's role-specific methods for building, distributing, storing, and finding information, whether that means building a brand KB to keep office workers on-brand, or building a best practices wiki that offers quick answers on safe and efficient machine operation at the factory.

Capture knowledge, permanently

When tenured employees leave the company, the bulk of their knowledge goes with them, creating deficits that can take years to recover.


Start capturing knowledge proactively in a central, accessible intranet. Retail cheat-sheets from the a store manager or troubleshooting steps from an IT specialist can all be documented and iterated in real-time. Even when employees retire or move on, you'll still have a searchable repository of all their knowledge, accessible from mobile app or desktop portal.

“Our tagline is Connect, Collaborate, Communicate, and with greater than 90% of our more than 40,000 users, we are achieving this every day.”

Learn more about how Igloo helped Leidos make their 140,000 pieces of content more searchable and usable than ever.

Igloo leverages your knowledge for greater productivity

Igloo doesn't just offer a comprehensive list of knowledge management tools, but it extends that functionality to frontline and mobile users so that the whole organization can get more from your corporate knowledge

Page Templates

Create pages quickly with templates, or build one from scratch to optimize for more specific needs.
Moderation icon

Targeted Content

Deliver your communications and content tactically for greater impact and engagement.


Relevant content and communications get you to your desired results faster.
Wiki icon


Make the full knowledge of your organization accessible and searchable with wikis about projects, departments, policies, best practices, and more.
Forums icon


Foster an interactive digital culture by giving employees an outlet to share ideas, ask questions, and have discussions.

Enhanced search

Spend less time searching and more time finding the files, spaces, or people you need to get work done quickly.
File Manager icon

File manager

Create and share team, project, or subject matter folders to simplify file management with a drag-and-drop interface.
blog icon


Share stories, leadership updates, HR and IT mandates, and other important information with a variety of simple publishing and distribution options.

Improve your knowledge management

Reach out to learn how Igloo can tailor our knowledge management tools to the needs of your organization.