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Get your workforce up to speed faster

Onboarding is where performance, loyalty, and engagement start. Igloo ensures the entire employee lifecycle is designed to create tight-knit, high-output teams who are excited to offer their best from the frontlines, offices, or homes.

Effective onboarding can help employees feel 18x more committed to their employer.1

…but only 12% of U.S. employees say their company does a good job of onboarding.2

Create a first impression that inspires performance

First impressions count, especially in a new role. The onboarding experience can either create enthusiastic employees who work efficiently, or it can churn out disengaged workers who do aren't equipped to care or thrive in their roles.

A polished onboarding experience designed to deliver role-specific policies, information, and resources will help employees understand expectations better while they get excited about the ways they can support the corporate mission.

Skip straight to productivity

According to Gallup, the typical new employee takes 12 months to reach peak performance.2​ That year of lost productivity represents a sacrifice in both financial and opportunity costs—not to mention the additional strain on the rest of the team as they're forced to compensate for the new hire. The good news? Organizations with a strong onboarding process experienced 50% greater new-hire productivity.3

Whether you're training a frontline employee on workplace safety and customer service policies, or introducing a new accountant to your digital tools and ongoing projects, Igloo delivers tailored onboarding experiences that accelerate the time to productivity by introducing the right tools, policies, and FAQs at the right time to build rapid expertise and competence.

“Igloo has made it much easier to keep everyone in our organization aligned on the central values, policies, and knowledge that we need to keep so many moving pieces engaged, productive, and efficient.”

Read the full testimonial from Parkland to learn how they engaged a workforce of 6,000+ frontline and desked workers across 25 countries with their corporate values.

Onboard for the longterm

An effective onboarding process doesn't just increase engagement and accelerate performance; it also has the potential to build employee satisfaction that keeps people around for longer. When employees experience a great onboarding process, they're 69% more likely to stay with the company for three years.3


Igloo builds that dedication through a holistic onboarding experience that connects new hires to brand values, sources of knowledge, company leadership, and each other. The strength of these connections is what keeps your team together, working towards your goals with continued dedication.

Onboard faster with features that educate and engage

Igloo provides the building blocks for an intuitive onboarding experience that produces high-performance professionals in every department.

Sentiment Analysis

Uncover the challenges and obstacles your employees are facing for a greater ability to ensure job satisfaction.
control panel icon

User Controls

Administration is easy when you have the right tools to assign permissions and allocate resources.
members icon

Extended Access

No corporate email address? No problem. Include every member of your workforce in the productivity and culture of your intranet.
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Igloo Flex Mobile

The new Igloo Flex Mobile app gives your mobile users the tools they need to become a more unified workforce.
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Make the full knowledge of your organization accessible and searchable with wikis about projects, departments, policies, best practices, and more.
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Get performance and usage data at your fingertips with preconfigured data overviews and data from third-party analytics tools.

People Directory

Find subject matter experts within your organization and unite people with similar interests​.
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Help your employees get to work faster with customizable, interchangeable user dashboards that include tasks, integrations, feeds, widgets, and more.

Create your perfect onboarding process

An Igloo intranet expert is standing by to show you how it can be done at your organization.