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Make performance the standard with a better compliance framework

Get more eyes on your policies

Policies don’t have a meaningful impact if they don’t get widely read. Office workers have a thousand other emails to sift through, and frontline employees have limited screen time to find and review policy documents.


Igloo gives your policy authors simple and effective ways to draft and deliver policies across the company, ensuring that safety documents and workplace conduct agreements get to the right people in a clear and manageable way from mobile or desktop.

Simplify compliance for mobile users

Convincing anyone to take time from their day to review a policy document is a struggle, particularly when those people don't work in front of a screen. The Igloo Mobile App gives frontline workers a simple way to receive or find policies and review them from any mobile device.

Find those missing signatures

No matter how targeted and engaging your approach to policy delivery, there will always be those who don't acknowledge the documents. Igloo empowers HR teams and administrators with complete transparency, allowing them to identify stragglers and formulate a follow-up strategy that gets compliance to 100%.

Eliminate miscommunications

You don't have to leave compliance to chance. Igloo streamlines your policy strategy, allowing for complete control over what documents and information your employees can find. Eliminate the confusion around multiple conflicting policy documents, and ensure that your organization has easy access to only the most accurate information through search, wiki articles, FAQs, and other accessible formats.

Compliance isn't just for HR

Many departments and teams can benefit from greater oversight in their areas of expertise. Igloo's administrative controls allow responsibility to be distributed across the organization, empowering teams like IT, design, finance, legal, and more to play a valuable role in aligning the entire organization around processes and rules that improve the quality of work.

Make compliance the default

Gain control over every area of your operations and create a safer, more efficient workplace in offices and on the frontlines.

Campaign Manager

Achieve more with your content by targeting the right audience at the right time, with full visibility into performance.
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User Controls

Administration is easy when you have the right tools to assign permissions and allocate resources.

Custom Reports

Is there more that you want to do with your data? Igloo’s data feeds provide complete flexibility in custom reporting, so you can understand every corner of your digital workplace.
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Get performance and usage data at your fingertips with preconfigured data overviews and data from third-party analytics tools.
Read tracking icon


Enable read tracking so users can acknowledge that they’ve read and understand a piece of content.
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Call attention to important information by broadcasting messages to the entire organization or individual groups.
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Keep your workforce up-to-date and engaged with real-time email notifications about posts, content, projects, and whatever else is going on in their world.
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File manager

Create and share team, project, or subject matter folders to simplify file management with a drag-and-drop interface.

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Get your whole organization on the same page with compliance that reaches everyone.