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Igloo helps everyone succeed, no matter their role

In every role, the digital employee experience you offer is the difference between a motivated, high-performing employee, and a worker who struggles to navigate their daily tasks effectively. Igloo uses a single platform to create different digital employee experiences for every employee based on the demands of their unique role, allowing them to get more done with less stress.

A targeted experience creates an unstoppable workforce​

When you put the right tools in the hands of the right people, they can bring new ideas from concept to development to execution faster and more effectively as a united front. Take a look at how an Igloo intranet reaches every corner of your organization by giving each employee the power to connect, build, learn, communicate, strategize, and thrive.

Give everyone the digital employee experience to boost organization-wide performance


Drive tech adoption and benefits

When administrators can integrate existing digital tools into multiple tailored experiences that correspond to different job-types, your tech stack sees wider adoption and productivity while demanding less effort from users.

Content managers

Manage the flow of quality information

By empowering content managers with key tools like configurable page and post templates, you can ensure that your entire organization performs better with less wasted time and fewer mistakes thanks to better, more consistent information.

Content consumers

Get the resources you need to succeed

Work happens fast, and nobody—frontline, home office, or head office—has time to sift through information or tools meant for another part of the organization. When you make it easy to deliver and access useful, targeted content, people can focus on the work that drives revenue.


Make data-driven decisions

Executives can rely on a vibrant intranet to gain deep insights into the organization, from frontline insights into equipment or customers, to project blockers and interdepartmental challenges. It's easier to drive meaningful change, solve problems, and grow an organization with Igloo.

Human resources

Find new ways to empower employees

Your human resources team can build greater alignment when the messaging and policies all come from a single source of truth. Better yet, an Igloo intranet creates the flexible, frictionless experience needed to offer a better work-life balance and stronger career growth, reducing turnover and improving morale.

Internal comms. & marketing

Instill a stronger sense of corporate identity

Particularly in frontline industries, it's a challenge to connect office workers with their deskless counterparts. Igloo provides the targeted, AI-guided communication tools to instill the corporate mission and identity into every employee, no matter where they work, so your teams can share in the enthusiasm that fuels productivity at all levels.


Make risk management easy

Your IT team has access to a fully supported, fully secured environment with the extensibility to scale with business needs—without any of the headache or downtime you'd usually expect. Do more as an organization with the cost savings and uninterrupted workflow of Igloo's environment.

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