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From first mile to last mile, the right intranet makes it easier to empower a shipping workforce

Support your logistics workforce with the first intranet that gives every different employee what they need

Igloo is the only intranet platform that merges frontline and office workers in a single, central location, offering a new level of visibility and control over your entire logistics workforce.

Build efficient communications into the shipping lifecycle

Igloo provides both a tailor-made frontline mobile app and a powerful desktop portal designed to give every employee-type a role-specific way to communicate and engage, breaking down the silos that stifle efficiency and transparency. When everyone has greater visibility across the organization, it's easier to identify ways to recover costs and streamline operations.

Manage transportation vendors with ease

Carriers constantly raise their rates, brokers can become less reliable, and costs rise while productivity falls. Igloo allows policies, contracts, and vendors details to be centralized in a searchable, accessible way, empowering your team to evaluate and course-correct faster. It's just one of the ways Igloo supports problem-solvers.

Get ahead of driver shortages

Labor is in short supply, especially in the cabs of trucks and vans. Retain a high-performing workforce with frontline-focused digital tools that set clearer expectations while offering the support and sense of connection your drivers need to feel valued and engaged.

Resources for those who connect the world

How do we succeed when the work changes every day? By learning new things just as often.

Read about the critical steps to consider when choosing a modern digital workplace for your logistics organization.

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Intranet success looks different for every organization. Learn how you can unify your company around targeted goals with a modern digital workplace.


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