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Connect your entire organization with a single platform

Great ideas don't yield great results if they aren't effectively communicated at every step of the way. Targeted, role-specific communication tools are the key to success in a modern workplace, from the offices to the frontlines.

“Igloo also makes it possible for us to be more creative in the way we share and communicate through our intranet.”

Learn how Igloo helped Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood connect 580 frontline and in-office employees with each other and their company values.

Stay true to your goals with transparent communications, start to finish

Igloo provides highly personalized and targeted methods for smoothing and centralizing communications in the office, but we also go the extra mile to safeguard the delicate transition to frontline employees for final execution. Rather than leaving last-mile logistics or new sales policies up to chance, Igloo ensures that the great ideas in the office can be clearly translated into tasks and priorities that generate revenue on the frontlines.

AI-powered content engages better with less effort

You don’t need to rely on your marketing team to draft effective internal communications. Powered by an AI writing assistant, Igloo’s content creation tools allow anyone to draft quick and engaging content. A complete best-practices article won’t take much longer than a quick policy reminder, allowing your teams to get more done while staying on-task communications that don’t get lost in translation.

Deliver content strategically for maximum impact

Marketers have it figured out: the more targeted your content delivery, the more revenue it will generate. The same applies to internal communications, which is why our campaign manager utilities offer granular but intuitive control over who gets the content and on what channels, including optimized delivery for mobile, desktop, and even on a break-room TV. By fine-tuning your approach with targeted publication and scheduling tools, it’s easier to empower your workforce with the role-specific information they need to help increase output, quality, and revenue.

Build engagement and efficiency with two-way communications

Two-way communications are one of the fastest ways to improve employee engagement towards the well-being of the organization. On the frontlines, an easily-accessible reporting widget can empower factory workers to optimize inefficiencies that bottleneck production output; in the office, microblogs and comments can generate excitement about company milestones while providing a pulse on employee sentiment. The more you lean on Igloo’s communication features, the more actionable information you’ll gain from your workforce.

Bring your organization closer together with Igloo communication features

Tighten the bonds between people, teams, and information using features designed to connect desked and deskless alike.

Campaign Manager

Achieve more with your content by targeting the right audience at the right time, with full visibility into performance.

Page Templates

Create pages quickly with templates, or build one from scratch to optimize for more specific needs.

Generative AI

The built-in AI writing assistant quickly creates personalized content that resonates and engages different roles across the organization.
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Targeted Content

Deliver your communications and content tactically for greater impact and engagement.
polls icon


Understand your organization better by quickly polling users within a space or page.
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Keep your workforce up-to-date and engaged with real-time email notifications about posts, content, projects, and whatever else is going on in their world.

Social Posts

Connect employees with their coworkers — near and far — by creating a virtual water cooler for swapping stories and small talk.


Create a two-way dialog by inviting employees to add their thoughts to a post, file, or piece of content.

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