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Innovations that will shape your industry

Igloo’s past is tied to the origins of the intranet category, but our legacy is built on the future. We build targeted, tailored solutions to the emerging challenges for our customers so that they always have the flexibility and support to act with confidence.

Next-generation Intranet: Igloo Digital Workplace Solutions

Our innovation is your empowerment

The Igloo platform is the foundation of many organizations’ success, so we will continue evolve that platform according to the areas that are the most important to our customers. These are the cornerstones of future Igloo development:

Two puzzle pieces with an image of a person in the middle.


Highly personalized workspaces offer each employee a focused way to engage with relevant information and content, allowing for greater productivity and a closer connection to corporate values; it’s everything they need, without becoming overwhelming.

A computer monitor with a graphic of a computer chip on the screen.

AI & ML enhancement

A tailored, adaptive experience doesn’t need to be a chore. AI-driven enhancements guide users to the tools and resources they need before they realize they need it, while an intelligent search function offers quick access to the right information.

A computer monitor with a bar and line graph on the screen.


Precise and deeply configurable analytics options give administrators and content creators a way to build data-backed strategies that accomplish business-critical digital workplace objectives. Your goals are clearer than ever.

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By streamlining integrations with your suite of productivity apps, Igloo turns a patchwork of tools into efficient workflows that save time by eliminating the need for context switching and repeated sign-ons. This is how you get more from your apps.

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Modern UX & UI

The Igloo UX is always evolving to offer the most intuitive, welcoming experience to all users—regardless of technical abilities. This is the front door to your digital office, and the natural starting place for your employees to begin their day.

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Dynamic content

When work happens everywhere, all the time, Igloo’s ability to deliver content and communications effectively is critical to engagement. Send targeted content intelligently for any role, device, location, or need, and get analytics to hone your approach.

Features that light the way

Igloo’s pioneering intranet platform shaped the way people worked for the fifteen years since. To see what features will shape the next fifteen years of work and success, look no further than our recent launches.

User Controls icon

User Controls

Administration is easy when you have the right tools to assign permissions and allocate resources.
Targeted Content icon

Targeted Content

Deliver your communications and content tactically for greater impact and engagement.
Recommendation<br>Engine icon


Relevant content and communications get you to your desired results faster.
Microsoft Power Platform icon

Microsoft Power Platform

Built with the established strength of Power Platform, Igloo is ready to integrate and elevate.
Material Design icon

Material Design

Based on Google's popular and intuitive Material Design, Igloo always offers a flexible and engaging user experience.
Flex Access icon

Flex Access

No corporate email address? No problem. Include every member of your workforce in the productivity and culture of your intranet.
Igloo Digital Assistant icon

Igloo Digital Assistant

Intelligently integrate your key tasks, business apps, and reminders into a persistent sidebar that enables immediate action.
Igloo Mobile icon

Igloo Mobile

The new Igloo Mobile app is your way to extend the power of your digital workplace to anywhere your employees need to be.

What we're working on

To improve the digital employee experience (DEX), Igloo has focused on a few key stakeholder groups and the ways they interact with the digital workplace.

Person presenting with data in background. Screenshot of workplace analytics showing content creation activity.

Deeper support for admins

Advanced administrative tools offer a powerful and effective way to manage users and their experiences. Permissions, activity, and settings can be set, tracked, and guided to ensure a user experience that’s not only engaging, but productive as well. 

Streamlined content

Whether creating or consuming content, the experience needs to be top-notch in order to have the desired effect. Everything from AI recommendation engines to advanced analytics to dynamic content will continue to shape the success of these strategies. 

One person working on a desktop computer and chatting with co-workers.
Maintenance deskless working checking-in with his team on his mobile device.

Solutions for the deskless

By unifying the experiences of desked and deskless employees, Igloo builds a happier, more productive workforce who can focus on doing their jobs well, whether that means serving customers or building machines that build our world.

“I love working with Igloo Software. The world is our oyster right now… the future of our intranet looks more clear.”

Krista Mihevc / Internal Communications Lead, Saje Natural Wellness

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