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The right intranet for employees & customers alike

Igloo is the driving force behind productive, enthusiastic retail workforces—from head office to customer support to in-store associates. As retail commerce becomes more complex and more digital, Igloo offers the intranet platform that ensures a great customer experience and a consistent brand.

Next-generation Intranet: Igloo Digital Workplace Solutions

Why retailers love Igloo

Help retail associates achieve more

Strategy and sales trends are priorities at the head office, but employees in your stores and warehouses take things one task at a time. Igloo bridges that gap by empowering your management teams with targeted communications tools to turn high-level priorities into easily actionable tasks and updates that help frontline employees hit sales targets and satisfy guests.

Get store-level insights to shape better strategy

How are customers reacting to new merchandising changes? Send a poll to your employees' phones. What percentage of your workforce is engaging with new policies? Check the analytics. What's the general employee sentiment at a given store? Look at what employees are posting in their social zones. Igloo gives you the full picture so you can maximize the impact your policies, product launches, and more.

Improve employee retention

Particularly on the frontlines of retail, turnover costs organizations money, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Igloo gives your frontline workers the tools they've been missing to feel confident and supported in their roles.

Resources for those who move our world forward

How do we succeed when the work changes every day? By learning new things just as often.

Read about the critical steps to consider when choosing a modern digital workplace for your retail organization.

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Intranet success looks different for every organization. Learn how you can unify your company around targeted goals with a modern digital workplace.

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Ready to spark meaningful change? Our expert intranet consultants can show you how a tailored Igloo implementation will address your organization’s unique needs.