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Feed the world more efficiently with an intranet made for the food & beverage industry

The only intranet that aligns every employee from planning to production

When plant workers can connect directly with office workers in the same digital destination, it's easier to manage every corner of your food and beverage organization effectively, and drive efficiency to new levels without compromising on food safety.

More human, less error

Strong interdepartmental communication is the key to reducing human error and enhancing food safety. Igloo equips frontline and desked teams with the technology to communicate more effectively, from targeted notifications to intuitive knowledge management tools for mobile and desktop alike. Whether you need to deliver new food handling policies to a logistics team or new testing standards to your QA staff, Igloo gets the message across.

Improve efficiency from desk to factory

Igloo makes complex processes simple by turning disjointed steps into a single, unified workflow that spans frontline and office teams. Every employee, from offices to warehouses to testing teams, has a personalized digital employee experience that surfaces only the specific information necessary for their unique role, cutting the clutter and allowing for a more focused workforce.

Support skills development on the frontlines

Igloo isn't just a powerful tool for building and managing new, tech-based processes; it's also an intuitive frontline training resource that helps bring deskless workforces up to speed with rapidly evolving digital tools, allowing both people and tech to reach their full productivity potential. The food and beverage industry is evolving, and Igloo helps workers keep up.

Resources for those who feed the world

How do we succeed when the work changes every day? By learning new things just as often.

Read about the critical steps to consider when choosing a modern digital workplace for your food & beverage organization.

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