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See the benefits of an engagement solution that reaches everyone equally

We all work better when we're fully engaged with our tasks, our peers, and the company vision. Igloo builds that powerful engagement across all employees, knitting frontline and office workers into a single, performance-driven entity.

Did you know that employee engagement is at its lowest point in over a decade?1

One solution for everyone's engagement challenges

Igloo is designed to fight downward trends in employee engagement and help workers to get more done, especially on the frontlines, where workers are increasingly disconnected from their jobs and their desked counterparts. According to Gallup, forward-thinking organizations have already doubled their engagement by improving their ability to communicate values and strategies.1

Become a leader in engagement

Igloo gives organizations the tools build out the right digital employee experience for every job type, offering each desked and deskless employee a personalized way to feel connected to the organization, motivated to work harder, and empowered by the right digital tools to perform better.

“They have a place they can visit, where they feel a connection to the brand.”

Read the full testimonial to see how KEEN footwear connected and engaged their global workforce with Igloo.

Eliminate digital friction

Digital friction is challenging: it can arise from too much technology, too little, or simply the wrong kind. Regardless, the added workload of managing overlapping applications or struggling against unsuitable digital tools is a driving force behind employee disengagement as it curtails enthusiasm and paves the way for burnout.


Igloo fixes that digital employee experience by integrating existing apps into a single, intuitive workplace that offers every employee the exact resources they need for their role, and nothing they don't.

Build a digital destination that looks and feels like your brand

You don’t need to hire another designer or UX specialist to build a digital workplace that looks entirely custom. Igloo puts deceptively powerful branding tools in the hands of your administrators, allowing for the creation of welcoming, intuitive intranets that look and feel like a digital extension of your physical offices.

Rebuild connections in the workplace

Even within a single office, it’s easier than ever to become isolated and siloed by the digital tools we rely on to communicate, manage projects, and store knowledge. That disconnect grows exponentially as we look at frontline or remote workers, who have even less to connect them to their peers, their desked counterparts, and the corporate mission.


Igloo offers a complete set of content tools to drive targeted communications and policies, as well as a host of collaboration tools from project and team rooms to social zones where employees can connect from across the organization.

Recognize and encourage high performers

Recognition is a simple, cost-free way to improve job satisfaction, retention, and performance. Even better: when that recognition is public and structured, it has far-reaching benefits for morale. Igloo has built-in ways to create positive, public feedback that shows the entire workforce what their efforts can achieve. Celebrating big sales, notable promotions, or key product milestones is an easy way to give people a sense of accomplishment; it’s also a great tool for demonstrating the potential for growth within your company.

A personalized feature set for better engagement

Performance is won when every member of your organization is empowered to work faster with more support and better information thanks to a digital employee experience tailored for their specific role. Here are the features that make it happen.

Social Feeds

Encourage vibrant conversations and peer-to-peer engagement across the organization for a greater sense of community.

Campaign Manager

Achieve more with your content by targeting the right audience at the right time, with full visibility into performance.
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Material Design

Based on Google's popular and intuitive Material Design, Igloo always offers a flexible and engaging user experience.
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Extended Access

No corporate email address? No problem. Include every member of your workforce in the productivity and culture of your intranet.
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Igloo Flex Mobile

The new Igloo Flex Mobile app gives your mobile users the tools they need to become a more unified workforce.


Make your digital workplace match your brand by customizing the color scheme, logos, fonts, and more.
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Stay on top of important developments and news by subscribing to instant, daily, weekly, or monthly notifications on relevant or interesting content.


Create a two-way dialog by inviting employees to add their thoughts to a post, file, or piece of content.

See the benefits of elevated engagement

Talk to an Igloo intranet expert to learn how we can engage your workforce like never before.