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Build with confidence using a manufacturing-focused intranet

Tighten your workforce and your manufacturing tolerances

Igloo gives employees from the assembly line to the head office a role-specific way to engage with the intranet, tightening connections across the company in a way that helps improve quality, output, and safety.

Build more in less time with an aligned workforce

Deliver safety policies, production requirements, and shift schedules right to your manufacturing workforce so they can spend less time trying to understand their work, and more time doing it. The best part? There's no need for corporate devices, or even corporate login credentials. Igloo extends your digital employee experience to everyone.

Improve safety & engagement

Make it easier for people on your assembly lines to find training modules, report safety concerns, and understand new processes. By keeping information relevant and accessible, Igloo helps your frontlines stay up-to-date on the information that keeps them safe and effective in their roles.

Save time & costs throughout the production cycle

From corporate strategy to engineering development to manufacturing on the shop floor, information and ideas need to pass through multiple layers to become a reality. Igloo supports each of those layers with tools to integrate knowledge, planning, and tasks into standardized workflows so that you can spend less time managing and more time doing.

Resources for those who build

How do we succeed when the work changes every day? By learning new things just as often.

Read about the critical steps to consider when choosing a modern digital workplace for your manufacturing organization.

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