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Finally, everyone gets the right digital tools for the job

Workplace technology needs to be purpose-built if it's going to support engagement, efficiency and performance on the frontlines. Igloo gives your deskless workers the digital employee experience they need to do their jobs better by reconnecting with your organization's goals, processes, and values.

Digital tools for a dynamic workday

Work is different on the frontlines; the same approach that succeeds in the office will get ignored or even reduce focus on physical tasks in dynamic frontline environments.

Igloo is built to offer the right digital employee experience for each worker. Where your desked employees find an intranet tuned for the needs of a modern knowledge worker, frontline employees get an intuitive mobile experience that tells them what they need to know to stay safe and productive in their fast-paced, hands-on roles.

The Igloo Flex Mobile App: the tool your frontlines love to rely on

When people want information, they pull out their phones; Igloo Mobile has answers ready and waiting for frontline employees who don’t have the time to navigate a mobile version of a desktop intranet. That’s how we offer the frontlines a digital employee experience so good, they will be eager to engage with it—and with the company.

UX personalization: Personalize everyone’s experience with role-specific information that keeps workers informed in a dynamic work environment.


Streamlined communications: Eliminate the informal communication channels on Facebook and WhatsApp by centralizing all your comms. in a single, secure location that you control.


Integration support: Native support for your favorite apps provides easy access to payroll, shift swapping, HR systems, and more—all in one place.


Policy compliance: Deliver policies more effectively, and follow up with stragglers to improve your acknowledgement rate.


Enhanced search: Connect people to answers faster with a simple but powerful search feature.


Recommendation engine: Get ahead of questions with an intelligent content recommendation engine that keeps employees fueled with relevant information.


Extended access: Employees don’t need a corporate email address to access the platform; everyone can login and benefit using Extended Access.

Connect your frontlines to their desked counterparts

Igloo Flex Mobile is more than just a frontline communications app; it's a powerful connection to the central intranet shared with office workers, allowing for a tighter integration between the teams at every stage of a strategy. Igloo brings people together across your organization to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Accelerate the flow of ideas

Better access to information, communications, and people is about more than just convenience. When your employees are empowered to share ideas and knowledge in real time, that collective brain power can streamline work, increase productivity, and shape a happier, more engaged workforce.

Close the gap between idea and result

To take a plan from concept to execution, the frontlines need to understand their role clearly—and that's not always the case. Igloo maintains your momentum as initiatives leap from in-office planning to frontline execution by giving office workers a clear, two-way line of communications with targeted parts of the deskless workforce.

Drive productivity

Offer an easier way to engage and retain

Igloo addresses the friction and disconnect that fuels turnover. By centralizing everything an employee needs for their specific role into a single source of truth, Igloo reduces multiple points of friction while helping employees feel supported by the organization and connected to its values.

Fix employee retention

Deliver the resources that keep things moving

The faster your employees can find answers, the faster they can solve problems. This goes doubly for the frontlines, who may have limited access to the digital resources they need to solve problems. Igloo puts all the answers, SOPs, and policies in their pockets so they can move forward with a clear understanding of the right information to excel.

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