Home Instead

Working on an outdated and extremely fragmented solution, Home Instead needed a modern, easy to use, and cost effective intranet to increase employee activity and improve communication. Igloo now lets them share information in real time, keeping people consistently connected.

The company

The Home Instead Senior Care network provides senior care and family caregiver support and education. It offers in-home care that allows seniors to continue to live comfortably at home, while still receiving assistance via a host of services such as companionship, personal care services, transitional care, hospice care, and Alzheimer’s or other dementia care. It is a large franchise system with more than 1,000 franchises that provide approximately 50 million hours of care to seniors in the U.S. and 14 other countries each year.

The challenge

Home Instead operates several different systems for corporate news and document management that, prior to deploying Igloo’s software, it managed using a system that was implemented in 2000. The company had difficulty updating this solution and, as a result, was not able to make significant enhancements to the solution for several years. In addition, no one was specifically trained to use the system so it could take anywhere from hours to days to post a document or other content. This is in part because the system had limited communication and collaboration capabilities. Home Instead had also experienced significant growth since 2000, and in early 2014 it decided to look for a new solution to manage its news and information systems more efficiently.

The strategy

Home Instead began its due diligence in February, 2014 and considered a number of solutions and, after a thorough RFI process, the company selected Igloo for reasons including:

  • The team believed that Igloo was a relationship focused company, which is core to Home Instead’s mission. They felt this would prevent a situation where they would be sold a solution and then be forgotten about.
  • They found the user interface to be highly usable, which would make it easier for users to adopt and navigate.
  • They found that Igloo would be a cost effective solution that would also provide out-of-the-box functionality.

The Igloo implementation began in July 2014. While use of this software could have begun in October 2014, the company chose to manually move its files, numbering in the thousands, in an effort to sort through and streamline the files to be moved. Home Instead began fully using Igloo in January 2015.

The results

Deploying Igloo’s intranet solution has enabled Home Instead to improve efficiency and streamline processes. Where previously the company’s team would compile materials over the course of a month and then publish them all at once, now they are able to release their publications over the course of the month. Key benefits of the project include:

  • Increase in page views. Previously, only 40 percent of the target audience would open their emails with the publications. Now, Home Instead has seen a 203 percent increase in its page views. This indicates that the presentation of materials is significantly more consumable when it is released over the course of the month rather than all at once.
  • Reduced IT support. Home Instead found that Igloo is designed to meet the needs of the business, and that there is less reliance on IT because the business people are able to add and remove users without the need for technical support.
  • Increased productivity. With a more efficient publishing system, Home Instead has been able to repurpose an employee and now only 3 employees are needed to manage all of the publications.
  • Improved communication. Previously, it was difficult and time consuming to involve users, but Igloo allows Home Instead to share content across all users while maintaining strong governance principles.

Best practices

Home Instead implemented Igloo as a solution that would facilitate efficiency and communication across its organization and franchise system. Previously, the company published a newsletter once a month for its franchise network, which was a stressful and time-consuming process. It was compiled by 4 people on the communications team and involved 3-4 days of writing plus a full day to target, test, and send it out.

Now, the company releases its publications to the network on an ongoing basis, which is made possible by Igloo’s tools including its usability, governance, and collaborative capabilities. Home Instead leverages Igloo as a blog style publishing system to reach its readers, which is easier for readers to navigate. This is largely because readers do not have as much content to go through at once and instead have access to new publications on an ongoing basis. In addition, Igloo displays related content, allowing readers to access and read what is relevant to them, which also prompts them to take advantage of more content.


As companies such as Home Instead continue to grow, it is essential that they can manage their expanding content efficiently. Without a strong ECM solution, companies can experience siloed information, poor governance, lack of visibility, and poor employee productivity. Igloo has proven to be a valuable tool to Home Instead that has not only improved its internal processes, but has also made an impact on its reader base. Nucleus expects that over time, Home Instead will experience additional benefits from Igloo’s support.

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