Behind Cubicle Walls

What are American offices really like?

Every company wants a staff of talented and creative people who are capable of solving some of its industry’s biggest problems. However, securing the best team and generating the most productive work culture aren’t always easy tasks. Unforeseen challenges often arise, especially in the office environment, where problems left unchecked will quickly erode employee morale.

So what is the typical American work culture really like? We surveyed 1,000 office workers (or people who have worked in an office in the last year) to get a better idea of which characteristics define the common workplace. The questions all revolved around a few basic but extremely important factors – social interaction, age differences, and communication effectiveness.

For example, younger employees’ views on availability and time off from work differ from the older generation’s views, and open floor plans aren’t very common despite perceptions of them as new fixtures of the office layout scene. To find out more about the state of work offices in America, check out the infographic below.


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