Work from anywhere: Introducing Igloo Mobile

By Adam Stephens - February 28, 2017

Mobile is an important part of our lives, and nowhere is this more evident than our workday. We routinely use mobile to communicate, collaborate, and get work done. But we’re moving on from email. We’re moving away from cramming everything in our inbox and then trying to find it later. Trying to organize in folders, sending links to ourselves – these are habits of the inbox that are destined for the trash bin.

Mobility has become a key business enabler in connected, global, distributed organizations. It helps us make better decisions faster, keeps us connected to important conversations, and allows us to collaborate with peers from around the office and across the globe.

Content and conversations are the digital pulse of your organization, and it’s the intelligent use of these contextual elements that can have a transformative impact on your business – from being more agile, efficient, productive and collaborative.

When Igloo set out to build a new mobile experience, we focused as much on what to exclude from the app as what we wanted to include. We knew responsive design provided significant value, but it’s not a silver bullet.  While competitors were creating “an intranet in your pocket” – we knew that some scenarios called for a more personalized, curated experience.

Today we’re proud to announce the launch of Igloo Mobile, our new native app for iOS and Android. The new mobile app is focused on providing a personalized view into the conversations and collaboration that are the pulse of today’s modern organization. Igloo Mobile makes it easier than ever before to share updates, provide quick feedback, stay on top of corporate and team news, and find people instantly – all from the convenience of a single app. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of Igloo Mobile.



My Feeds

My Feeds is your personalized feed of all the content that you follow, plus important corporate news broadcasts and content curated for you. In My Feeds, you can view posts in your feed, follow content, comment on important threads, and like and share updates from your colleagues. Think of My Feeds as the pulse of your organization, a dynamic real-time stream of the most important communications throughout your company.














People is a global directory of all contacts in your Igloo community. Selecting People lists all contacts in your Igloo community alphabetically and also provides you with the option to search for a specific contact by name.

People is the mobile version of the Igloo People Directory on desktop, including the ability to see recent activity including conversations, comments, and files. People also allows you to get in touch with a contact via email, phone, or text message. You can also view the contact’s full profile in browser view in the app.








Share Something

One of the great features of Igloo Mobile is the ability to easily compose quick updates on the go. Within My Feeds, clicking the voice balloon icon will open up Share Something.  Within Share Something, you can share a quick update or message on a specific channel within your community.

Create a quick update and attach a photo from your mobile device or a saved photo from your camera roll. Select the channel in your Igloo community to publish to – or search for a channel. Share Something is great for sharing quick updates with specific groups or teams within your organization.












Global Search

Global Search is a unified search view across your Igloo community. The global search feature allows you to search for anything in your Igloo community – discussions, documents, even people. Clicking the Search icon in either My Feeds or People will bring up the search bar, allowing you to find content quickly across your Igloo community. The search pane also lists recent searches for ease and convenience.











Push Notifications

Igloo Mobile creates native push notifications for all new activity associated with content that you are subscribed to in My Feeds. You can configure push notifications to suit your preferences by swiping right or selecting the gear icon in My Feeds to display the Settings pane.











Stephen Rahal

VP, Product Strategy