Why Digital Workplace Solutions Are Possible

By Dwayne Weppler - June 29, 2017

You may have heard that Igloo Software recently unveiled a new “Solutions as a Service” Model at the Digital Workplace Experience Conference 2017 in Chicago. At the same conference, we also launched a complete portfolio of digital workplace solutions.

These solutions certainly have generated a great deal of excitement among our customers, prospects, media, and analysts. But it’s also generating excitement right here at Igloo Software headquarters. The press releases we issued definitely let you know why we rolled out these digital workplace solutions – to help our clients across all stages of their digital transformation journey that tackle specific business challenges related to communication, collaboration, knowledge management, and employee engagement and culture –  but another angle I wanted to explore today was why digital workplace solutions are possible in the first place.

To help me answer this question, I sat down with Igloo’s Manager of Software Development, Mat Nadrofsky to get his perspective on how Igloo’s digital workplace solutions are possible.

Dwayne: Mat, thanks for joining me today. Let’s focus on the people aspect of this, since often this tends to get overlooked with all the hype about any new product or solution.

Mat: You’re right. I’ve seen this in other companies, but not at Igloo! Solutions are possible because of our people. Each and every one of us contribute to the collective brain trust that is Igloo. We must never forget that a great idea can start in any corner of our offices and end up making a difference for thousands of people within their digital workplace each and every day. Some of us are conceptualizing the next big thing. Others are figuring out how to market, sell and support it. More still are uniting to codify these ideas into a digital reality.

As technologists, we thrive on creating things that fundamentally change the game for our customers. Solutions, and our new Solutions as a Service deployment model, do this. Even as we leverage our own internal digital workplace solutions (built on the Igloo platform) we are conceptualizing how other organizations across the globe may be doing some of the same things. Where are the patterns? Where are the edges? We sense when another solution may be taking shape and that’s where the fun really begins.