Onboarding made easy with Sonia Husband

By Adam Stephens - January 27, 2016

In part 2 of our Community Manager Appreciation Day blog series, Sonia Husband from ActiveHealth Management (a subsidiary of Aetna) shares how Igloo has helped new employees get comfortable much faster than they used to.

Meet Sonia

Sonia Husband is a Digital Marketing Manager at ActiveHealth Management, a subsidiary of Aetna. ActiveHealth Management offers population management solutions that span the entire continuum of health and brings unparalleled analytics and insights to population and health management. Solutions span across analytics and insights, care management, and health and wellness engagement.

ActiveHealth Management uses Igloo to foster an environment where employees are connected, can find various subject matter experts, and can leverage intellectual capital across their businesses to work smarter. We got wind that Sonia was leading the charge, so we wanted to get the scoop straight from her, and here’s what she told us.

I: How did you start out as a community manager?
SH: Community management was first introduced to me while I was working in corporate marketing at a publishing company. The company really saw the value of a social intranet, and I was excited to build successful communities for them. A year later, I had an opportunity to drive the adoption of Igloo Software at ActiveHealth Management. It was exciting to realize the benefits of a social intranet in a completely different industry.

I: What do you love about your job?
SH: I love hearing the excitement in someone’s voice when I teach them how to use a new widget or learn some form of a cascading style sheet. What initially looked intimidating to them now offers great opportunity to bridge knowledge gaps.

(And we love that about you.)

I: What does success look like to you?
SH: We have a 98% usage rate and employee productivity has risen 25%. We’ve truly created a place where everyone knows where to go to establish processes and identify knowledge gaps.

I: How has your intranet changed the way your organization collaborates?
SH: One big change is in our onboarding process. Employees send less emails to administrative staff, and spend more time familiarizing themselves with the new hire section of the community.

(Sonia also told us that 87% of employees reported feeling fully onboarded within two months, compared to six months before the community was built.)

I: How do you know your members are engaged?
SH: Happy users are engaged users. Our various feedback channels in the community offer us first-hand insight into how our users feel about the site and how we can improve it.

I: Who are your internal partners in crime?
SH: My internal partners are all of my content owners. They work with me to improve the way employees communicate, find information, and connect with one another. I also have to recognize my community champions. They’re the subject matter experts for their spaces, and they continue to drive awareness of all the knowledge that’s stored there. It definitely takes a team effort to make a community successful.

(Shout-out to the whole champion crew – we know you’re reading this.)

I: Where do you go to learn more about community management?
SH: I go to my Igloo support page and review discussion forums, tips, and tricks. I also try to connect with other Igloo users to share best practices.

I: Coffee or tea?
SH: Definitely coffee. My colleagues nicknamed me Juan Valdez. I guess Juanita Valdez would be more appropriate.

(Note: Juan Valdez is a fictional character who has appeared in advertisements for the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia since 1958, representing a Colombian coffee farmer.)

Always a pleasure, Juanita! We love your enthusiasm – keep up the great work. Do you have a community engagement tip to share? Share it with us @igloosoftware.