We appreciate you: Igloo celebrates community managers

By Adam Stephens - January 25, 2016

Igloo is celebrating Community Manager Appreciation Day (CMAD) on January 25. It’s a special occasion to celebrate the ones who work tirelessly writing stories, connecting people, and finding creative ways to share information.

We didn’t want to let this special day pass without giving some extra love to our partners in communication, so we created a CMAD microsite packed with goodies for community managers, including a manifesto desktop wallpaper, and a fortune teller activity.

We’re also running a two-week blog series featuring some pretty impressive people who use Igloo to power their communities. We’re proud to call them friends, and we’re happy to introduce them to you. So without further ado, let’s kick it off with our friend Ethan, from Home Instead.

Meet Ethan

Ethan Deas is the Communications Manager at Home Instead, Inc., a company that provides in-home senior care services. Home Instead uses Igloo to share corporate news, manage documents, and encourage communication across its organization and franchise system. We heard that Ethan was doing a bang-up job of building and managing this community, so we asked him to share some tips that might help other community managers do the same.

I: How did you start out as a community manager?
ED: I was apparently the most tech-savvy person on our team at the time. Which ended up being ironic because you don’t have to be all that tech-savvy to use Igloo. Alas…

(Ah, the curse of knowing your way around a computer. We feel you.)

I: What does your day-to-day look like?
ED: I work with stakeholders throughout our organization to help them plan and develop communications initiatives to help them achieve their business objectives. That involves showing them how to use the blog feature and other communications channels, and how to structure their spaces within Igloo.

I: How has your intranet changed the way your organization collaborates?
ED: So many more people are now involved in content creation and publication. With our old system, all content had to go through our team. Now, so many more people can create and share their own content, and they actually want to.

I: How do you know your members are engaged?
ED: Our members are super engaged! During the past year we’ve seen a 68% increase in page views and our users have viewed nearly three million content pages during the past 12 months. Our users spend twice as much time in our Igloo as they did the previous platform. We’ve seen a 1400% increase in corporate news consumption compared to our previous email communications strategy.

(Uh-mazing. Say no to email!)

I: How do you encourage people to get involved?
ED: By showing them the way. Whenever someone says, “Can you post this for me?” our team responds by walking over and teaching them how to do it themselves. Sometimes over, and over, and over again… But it’s still the key to increasing adoption.

(If at first you don’t succeed…)

I: What does success look like to you?
ED: Success to me is an active, vibrant community where users engage in robust dialogue and create their own content via discussion forums.

I: Do you have any big projects on your plate for 2016?
ED: I’m looking forward to implementing several integrations that will make our community even more valuable to users.

I: Coffee person or tea?
ED: Coffee…from a French Press…strong, black!

(He means business, folks.)

Thanks again to Ethan for sharing these great insights with us. Keep doing what you do. If you have a community engagement tip to share, share it with us @igloosoftware.