Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Knowledge is your company’s currency. Knowledge management is about capturing, storing, and sharing that currency. Get it wrong and it's not just your bottom line that takes a hit – productivity and innovation suffer too. 

There’s a wealth of untapped knowledge locked in drawers, hard drives, and your employees’ heads. And years' worth of know-how is lost when employees leave. Igloo is uniquely designed to reign in your company’s knowledge. Because you can’t afford to lose it.

Turn knowledge into capital

Most knowledge management platforms are focused on housing final content, like documents, policies, and procedures. But what about the work in progress: the conversations, lessons learned, or brilliant ideas that never see the light of day? Capturing that wealth of knowledge is where Igloo comes in.

Plus, Igloo integrates with leading productivity and file sharing apps like Office 365, Google for Work, and Dropbox so you can store information wherever you want – and it’s all accessible from right inside your Igloo. So employees have access to the company’s collective knowledge at any time, from anywhere. 

"We have a 98% usage rate and employee productivity has increased by 25%. We’ve truly created a place where everyone knows where to establish processes and identify knowledge gaps."

– Sonia Husband, Digital Marketing Manager, ActiveHealth Management, a subsidiary of Aetna

How Igloo can transform your knowledge management

Expertise Location

A people directory makes it easy for employees to locate experts across the organization. One quick search and you’ll have the answers you need.

Knowledge Bases

Post technical documentation, policies and standard operating procedures in articles that are easy to search, organize, and update.


Uncover the knowledge that’s trapped in people’s heads. Spark discussion, solve problems, and share ideas.

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Virtual Team Space

People with shared interests can discuss best practices and trade expertise – in a virtual team space that’s accessible from anywhere.

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Store policies, procedures and information like details about benefits or submitting an IT request. And when the truth changes, wiki articles can too.

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Superior Search

Find anything in your Igloo. All files, content, and personal profiles are searchable.

We walk the walk

For the last six years, Igloo has been one of KMWorld’s Top 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management.

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