Social Center

Injecting some fun into your corporate culture is an effective way to foster employee engagement. The Social Center lets you create a digital focal point for all the company events, clubs, and activities that give people a personal, not just professional, sense of belonging. It unites people across departments and areas of expertise, strengthening ties to the whole organization.

Build a thriving culture

Show your people their company cares

Creating a dedicated space for the social life of your organization demonstrates a commitment to your culture and employees – not just your bottom line.

Promote human connections

To be aligned and engaged at work, people need to feel valued as both professionals and individuals with unique interests. Finding outlets for those interests is easy when all of the opportunities for social interaction are located in a digital hub.

Encourage healthy behaviour

Fitness groups, recipe exchanges, book clubs – the activities in your Social Center represent your company culture and the values it endorses.

The Social Center combines features that enable you to:

  • Publicize social events in a community calendar
  • Post company classifieds via forums
  • Collect feedback on past activities with polls
  • Inspire social chatter through microblogs
  • Share the good times on the photo wall