Employee Recognition Intranet Software

Give kudos where they’re due by acknowledging and rewarding the employees going above and beyond. Provide opportunities for team members to nominate their colleagues. And keep everyone in the know about promotions. The Recognition Center provides a simple, one-stop solution to managing every aspect of your organization’s employee recognition program. So you can motivate your people and let them know they’re valued.

Recognize performance – and boost it

Keep top talent engaged

Boost eNPS scores and retain highly skilled employees. When you recognize and reward people, you’ll be rewarded back with a more loyal, engaged workforce.

Support business objectives

An effective recognition program promotes the behaviours that reflect your organization’s values and measurable business goals.

Foster a healthy, high-performance culture

A recognition program that’s genuine and shared transparently across the organization creates happier employees and a better work environment.

The Recognition Center combines features that enable you to:

  • Showcase your organization’s core values.
  • Give kudos to those who go the extra mile.
  • Nominate peers for recognition.
  • Publish organizational announcements.
  • Integrate with employee recognition solutions from Bonus.ly and Achievers.