Virtual Town Hall Meetings

A town hall is a place for dialogue. It’s a forum for sharing information and an opportunity to engage your people. The Virtual Town Hall offers a ready-made digital destination for town halls. We’ve customized it so it’s easy to organize events, make announcements, gather employee feedback, and highlight content that comes out of town halls across the entire organization.

A digital home for town halls

Connect to shape the agenda

Centralize town hall details and connect organizers, employees, and your senior leadership team. Here’s a space where employees can see a calendar of events, view announcements, ask questions, and inform the content of an upcoming town hall.

Never miss a town hall

You can archive past town halls, so everyone’s in the loop – even if they couldn’t be at the live event. Embed videos, add summaries and related resources, and showcase speaker profiles. Plus, you can post info from Q&A sessions and ask follow up questions.

Stay organized and prepare for what’s next

A separate area of the virtual town hall is accessible to event organizers and participants with the proper permissions. It’s a dedicated space for organizers to collaborate on files, share quick updates, store information, and prepare for upcoming town halls.

The Virtual Town Hall combines features that enable you to:

  • Display upcoming and past town halls in the events calendar
  • Include quick links to town hall related resources
  • Post updates and town hall announcements in the blog
  • Include a separate ‘behind the scenes’ area for town hall organizers and key stakeholders to access files, collaborate, and plan
  • Highlight recent activity and file updates using wikis