Newsroom Solution

In a digital workplace, the infinite volume of news can be difficult to keep up with. Aggregating important communications into a one-stop destination, creates a place employees can rely on for critical company and industry updates.

Stay in the know

Keep employees informed and aligned

Purposefully designed to mimic the homepage of popular news websites, the newsroom curates all important information in a format that users are familiar with, making it easy and enjoyable to navigate and consume content.

Simplify content creation and distribution

Great news stories can be written and approved using the user-friendly HTML and built-in moderation workflows. Flexibility of distribution is made possible with the robust set of publishing tools including the capability to publish as other people for ghost-written content, schedule future publishing, and push broadcast messages to specific members or groups.

Promote a culture of transparency

Adding a newsroom to your digital destination reinforces your commitment to frequent and transparent communication with employees and across departments.

The Newsroom is comprised of the following sections:

  • Homepage — Merge multiple blog channels into a single feed
  • Highlights — Curate weekly updates in the weekly highlights blog channel
  • Industry News — Share market and industry news using the Igloo RSS widget
  • Social Feeds  —  Present a feed of your company’s external social media activity