Governance Center Intranet Software Solution

Good governance practices start with informed employees. By ensuring your people have easy access to policies, procedures, and documentation, you’ll mitigate risk and protect your company. The governance center is a pre-configured space in your Igloo for corporate governance and compliance, where you can centralize, disseminate, and manage business critical information to eliminate any confusion – and ensure everyone’s accountable.

Simplify governance with a
dedicated space

Mitigate risk

A single location for all processes makes employees active players in risk management. With one-click access to policies and procedures, they can react quickly, effectively, and accordingly.

Implement audit controls and efficiencies

Control how and when policies are published and updated, with moderation controls, notifications, and task reminders. And ensure employees acknowledge business critical information and important changes.

Improve regulatory compliance

Track compliance, keep policies up to date, and ensure you’re meeting the ever-changing demands of regulatory bodies.

Get specific

The Governance Center includes key areas to support governance and compliance programs.

Policy Center

In order to be effective, policies and procedures need to be accessible to all employees. The Policy Center incorporates features to ensure that information has been read and understood.

Governance Committee Team Room

Empower the team responsible for maintaining your governance strategy. Provide them with a dedicated space to collaborate, communicate, and manage initiatives.

News and Updates Center

Streamlined communication is critical in managing governance and compliance. Ensure accurate and consistent messaging by establishing guidelines around communication channels, and assigning authors and moderators.

Legislation Area

Organizations in highly regulated industries –healthcare, pharmaceuticals, finance, and government – must adhere to regulations specific to different countries and regions. The legislation area serves as a place for employees to get a handle on that information.

The Governance Centre combines features that enable you to:

  • Publish wiki pages for each company policy.
  • Maintain version control of policies.
  • Broadcast messages about policy or legislation updates.
  • Enable commenting and approvals on policies.
  • Track activity on each page with an audit trail.
  • Create microblog channels for governance teams.
  • Use a shared calendar for key dates.
  • Start forums on governance topics.