Team Communication Software & Tools

Communication is the glue that holds every good business together. It flows in every direction and clears a path for people to find the information they need.

Igloo helps you tell a consistent story and enable meaningful conversations across your organization. Because when everyone’s speaking the same language, there’s less confusion, less noise, and a lot more work getting done.

Up, down, and everywhere in between

It’s vital to keep everyone aligned and informed – no matter their department, level, or location. People need to know what your organization stands for and how their contributions fit in. With Igloo, sharing the company vision is easy.

Igloo also empowers employees to publish and consume content in an open and dynamic way, giving them more control over their daily work life and forging a stronger connection with the organization. Igloo brings your culture online, so you can show your employees that they chose a great place to work – right from day one.

Solutions to your communication challenges

Igloo’s intuitive, configurable, easy-to-use platform and ready-made solutions help you solve the challenges you face every day – and the ones that haven’t come up yet.

Leadership solution for intranet software

Bridge the divide

Employees need to know what the leadership team is thinking, saying, and doing to feel truly engaged. This solution brings executive communications to life.

Leadership corner

Virtual town hall solution for intranet software

Shape the agenda together

The ready-made digital solution for town halls connects organizers, employees, and the leadership team – so everyone has a say in these key events.

Virtual town hall

Onboarding solution for intranet software

Primed for productivity

Get new hires up to speed quickly and easily with a complete solution for managing your onboarding program.

Onboarding center

Newsroom solution for intranet software

One-stop news hub

Promote a culture of open communication by simplifying content creation and distribution with the newsroom solution.


Governance solution for intranet software

Cut the confusion

Keep everyone in the loop about governance and compliance issues in a dedicated space. You’ll mitigate risk and ensure accountability across the organization.

Governance Center

Employee handbook solution for intranet software

One truth, one place

Keep your people and your policies up to date in a user-friendly format with the employee handbook solution.

Employee Handbook


Give people an outlet for discussion, problem-solving, and idea-sharing.

Social newsfeeds
Create a virtual water cooler where people can share their stories.

Share news, updates, and reports across the organization.

Team calendar
Make sure everyone is in the loop on meetings, events, and deadlines.

People directory
Illuminate experts within your organization and unite people with similar interests.

Team spaces
Provide areas for collaborating across teams, projects, departments, clubs, or committees.