Project Room & Collaborative Environments

Coordinate and manage projects using pre-configured Project Room designed to centralize project-related activities, from collaborative dialogue and file sharing to scheduling meetings and delegating tasks.

Get things done

Encourage collaboration

Provide project team members with more opportunities to communicate and collaborate throughout a project’s lifecycle. With features like version comparison, commenting, and mentions, the history of collaboration, decisions and risks will persist in the context of the source content.

Maintain accurate project schedules

Create project timelines by assigning tasks and setting milestone deadlines all in one location. Maintain project momentum by also scheduling project meetings, posting meeting notes and adjusting due dates as needed. Project team members can easily view schedules and deadlines in a calendar and list format.

Centralize documentation

Ensure project team members have easy access to documentation they need for success, including project plans and scopes of work. Upload relevant background information, planning documents, standard operating procedures, draft content in need of review, and items for proofing.

The Project Rooms solution combines features that enable you to:

  • Configure reusable project room templates
  • Publish project plans and scoping
  • Identify key roles and expertise
  • Setup folders to share files and documents
  • Manage meeting notes and tasks
  • Share status updates with notifications
  • Centralize questions and answers
  • Manage project tasks and to-do lists
  • Display project components in calendar view