IT Help Desk Intranet Software

Providing high-quality IT service is essential to keeping customers happy and employees engaged. A self-service IT help desk allows users to solve their problems faster and provides IT with a solution to manage common requests efficiently.

Solve multiple issues in one place

Increase efficiency

Reduce the number of simple and repeatable service requests by offering the answers to common IT questions in an intuitive support knowledge base.

Help users help themselves (and others)

With the answers to most common questions at their fingertips, employees are enabled to solve problems on their own. A public forum and social newsfeeds also create an outlet for community-based support where users can pass on best practices, particularly for cloud apps not overseen by IT.

Integrate seamlessly

Offer self-service IT in a familiar place that can be easily located and accessed by all employees (the intranet), without having to navigate to yet another application.

The IT Help Desk combines features that enable you to:

  • Submit and monitor support tickets with Zendesk
  • Build a knowledge base of IT policies
  • Locate IT team members
  • Search policies and procedures
  • Create a support community