Digital Boardroom Intranet Software

Create a digital destination where board members can communicate privately, organize activities, and access relevant information. From scheduling events to posting policies and meeting minutes, the Boardroom offers a simple and effective way to help board members prepare, stay organized, keep a history of their meetings, and action the outcomes.

Keep pace with busy schedules

Simplify the meeting process

With fast, mobile access to centralized resources, including meeting packages and agendas, and the ability review outcomes, you reduce prep time – and boost productive time.

Eliminate the risk of information leaks

Collaborate with confidence, knowing that everything in the Boardroom is only accessible to members. And with granular role and permission settings, it’s easy to manage member access.

Guarantee everything’s read and understood

With read-tracking and resolution acceptance functionality, the Chair of the Board, or designated administrators, can easily track and follow up with members to approve initiatives, resolutions, and policy changes.

The Boardroom combines features that enable you to:

  • Publish announcements in microblogs.
  • Manage documents and resources with version control and read-tracking.
  • Post an agenda, packages, notes and action items.
  • Access controlled team rooms for various committees.
  • Include a meeting calendar with RSVP and Outlook calendar sync.