Network Enterprise Management Solution

The Networked Enterprise Edition provides complex and dispersed organizations with a scalable, flexible, and secure digital workplace solution for connecting business units, vendors, suppliers, partners, and customers across the globe.

Hub & Spoke

Address the challenge of connecting your global network of internal employees and external stakeholders by creating a digital workplace solution that consists of a central hub and multiple spoke sites.

Enterprise Administration Panel

The Enterprise Administration Panel (EAP) is only available with Networked Enterprise and adds a superior level of administration. While site admins maintain autonomy over their site (and solutions admins over their assigned solutions), network-level admins can leverage EAP to centrally provision and manage new sites, create site templates, and manage membership and authentication across the whole site network.

Multi-National Enterprises

When you have central headquarters in one country and offices scattered across the globe, there are naturally some business challenges. Cultural issues, time zones, and language barriers are bound to come up, not to mention different business contexts or regulatory frameworks.

With the hub and spoke model, multinational enterprises get a central digital destination for corporate news, policies and brand resources, and remote offices get their own digital workplaces connected to the hub. This blend creates a single source of truth for the entire organization, but allows each remote office to be customized to their specific culture and business priorities. Best of all, users can easily access their local digital workplace, or others, through a Single-Sign-On experience, and administrators have easy site management through the EAP.

Distributed Enterprises

Distributed Enterprises often have a collection of brands and cultures within the overarching company. Whether they’re franchises, member firms, or other types of affiliate, each brand maintains a certain degree of independence. Without a method to share information between them though, information and idea creation becomes siloed within each.

By implementing hub and spoke, corporate policies, resources and identity are centralized in a digital hub so you can operate at scale. Business units are given autonomy by creating individual digital workplaces for them, but cross-company innovation and idea generation are promoted in the single uniting hub.

Extended Enterprises

With so many moving parts, it’s difficult for extended enterprises to know that business-critical information is getting to the right targets. They cope with competing priorities, such as customer satisfaction and vendor effectiveness, while trying to improve collaboration, productivity, and communication across the entire organization.

By implementing an extended digital workplace model, organizations can give their partners and vendors quick, easy access to corporate sales and marketing resources, processes, request forums, and critical expertise. Spoke sites can be tailored to suit the needs of specific audiences, such as vendors, partners, and customers, each with a unique content and collaboration experience and member permissions. For example, a dedicated customer community gives your customers a place to learn about your product and best-practices, ask questions, view their support tickets, and provide feedback – while driving increased loyalty to the enterprise.

Infrastructure & Support


Scalable solution architecture designed to handle significant usage fluctuations (activity, volume, system load), providing additional security, performance, and scalability.

Premium DR

Igloo asynchronously replicates customer data (near-time) to a secondary offsite disaster recovery site, providing improved Recovery Time and Recovery Point objectives.

Platinum Support

Get access to our best tools and expertise for your digital workplace, 24×7, 365 days per year, with a 1-hour response time. Plus, you’ll get Developer Support included.

Technical Account Manager

Your TAM is your technical liaison, gathering your feedback and championing your needs and goals internally at Igloo. They also monitor open tickets, lead bi-weekly reviews, and manage escalations.

Expert Services


With over 100 years of combined digital workplace consulting experience on-staff, you’ll be in excellent hands. Our Consulting team will deliver a clear, phased roadmap and digital workplace program strategy, as well as a network-wide information architecture and solution plan to ensure your continued success.


Expert training facilitators will provide the advanced training and education you need to be successful, with content and resources tailored to the various roles within your extended digital workplace.