Igloo Digital Workplace AppStay connected to the information that matters to you — from wherever you are, on any device.

Igloo Digital Workplace App

The Digital Workplace mobile app by Igloo gives your workforce instant access to the most important conversations, content, and expertise. And it allows organizations to maintain a high-performance corporate culture where employees are
engaged, aligned and productive.

Powering your mobile first digital workplace.

Completely customizable to your brand and easy to deploy through your mobile device management (MDM) solution. Take your mobile digital workplace experience to the next level.

Engage and enable your workforce with a productivity-driven mobile experience

Find, review, and action information
Connect employees to everything they need to keep work flowing. The app offers key functionality like push notifications, sharing, following, commenting, and liking.

Connect with colleagues
With quick access to user profiles via search or the people directory tab, the app lets employees get in touch via email, phone, or chat.

Collaborate better — and faster
Need to share project updates? Review content in draft? The app enables the quick actions that employees need to collaborate and be productive from anywhere.

Mobilize your workforce by putting company news and updates at their fingertips

Front line workers

Employees in healthcare, retail, and education often have limited access to traditional workstations, making it tough to communicate policies, procedures and corporate updates. The Digital Workplace mobile app lets you connect these employees to their digital workplace without an additional investment in computer hardware. Instead, they can simply use their personal or work mobile device.

Travelling employees

Whether they’re at a conference, visiting customers, or attending offsite meetings, executives and sales teams are often out in the field – where you need them to be. With the Digital Workplace mobile app, they can tailor notifications and feeds to see only relevant updates – allowing them to manage their busy schedules and keep work moving without having to open their laptops.

Remote workers

Because remote workers aren’t physically in the office, they can often miss out on important information and social interaction. The Digital Workplace mobile app gives home-office employees a direct line into HQ – so they can virtually connect, collaborate, and contribute – while balancing their work and personal responsibilities.

A tailored experience
designed for mobile users

All Activity

This feature displays all the digital workplace content you’ve got access to that’s been uploaded or edited, so you’re always aware of what’s happening.

Read Later

Mark items in your feed or notifications tab for future follow-up by clicking on the Read Later icon.


This tab manages email notifications for desktop and mobile experiences, as well as push notifications for the mobile app.

Easy distribution

Distribution is available through Microsoft Intune. Within MS Intune, administrators can enable access to the Digital Workplace app from both the Google Play Store for Android and iTunes Store for iOS, and even push the app out to managed devices.


The app uses the same authentication model as the web experience, supporting Igloo authentication, SAML, or LDAP. And with automatic session renewal, you don’t need to enter your credentials every time.

Supported Versions

The following operating systems are officially supported when using the Igloo Digital Workplace app: iOS Version 10 and above and Android Version 7 (Nougat) and above.

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