Igloo Mobile Collaboration App

With Igloo, employees can stay connected to the pulse of their organization, wherever they are. Igloo is accessible from anywhere, on any device, through the responsive web experience and the native app for iOS and Android.

Purpose-built for the digital workplace, Igloo Mobile helps organizations engage, align, and maintain a high-performance corporate culture with instant access to relevant conversations, content, and expertise.

Be involved in conversations that matter

Igloo Mobile helps employees stay on top of projects on the go. Push notifications on iOS and Android devices ensure they won’t miss out on information that matters to them. Whether it’s trying to close a big deal, get a product to market, or provide amazing service to your customers, Igloo Mobile helps employees move work forward, and fast.

Collaborate more efficiently for faster decision making

Igloo Mobile speeds up collaboration by keeping employees connected to the people, processes, and information they need to be productive. They can quickly view and share documents, and solicit feedback directly from the app.

Find people and take action

Often, the easiest way to find information is to ask the right person. Igloo Mobile makes finding people and expertise easy, providing quick access to colleagues across the entire organization. Using Igloo Mobile, employees can effortlessly get in touch with experts via email, phone, or chat.

No two feeds are alike

As organizations grow, it’s critical to personalize content to prevent information overload. Using subscriptions to populate the feed, Igloo Mobile curates news, content, and conversations that are relevant to each employee.

My Feeds

  • Follow relevant channels and content to personalize the feed
  • Send quick updates via microblogs to keep team informed of updates
  • Capture a moment (or a whiteboard) and share photos from your mobile device
  • Comment, like, and @mention colleagues
  • Configurable native push notifications alert you of new content, conversations, comments, and mentions

Note: Administrators can curate content for any group or individual within the organization

People Directory

  • Search to locate people across the organization
  • Easily contact through phone, email, or text message
  • View recent activity – conversations, content, and comments
  • Expand the view to a full Igloo profile

Global Search

  • Find people and content from across your Igloo community

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