Igloo Analytics Measure your success with digital workplace data and analytics.

Analytics are critical to the success of your digital workplace. Without them, you’re simply guessing at what’s working and what’s not. Igloo Analytics provides a rich, 360-degree analysis so you can see how your digital workplace is performing and develop a plan to drive ongoing engagement and meet your business objectives.

Make Igloo Analytics work for you

Improve adoption and engagement

Identify what’s working and what’s not, with data that will help you keep your people engaged – and your digital workplace relevant.

Measure performance against objectives

Your digital workplace objectives should be aligned with your organization’s goals. Make sure you’re meeting them.

Justify continued investment

What’s the business value of your digital workplace? Calculate the ROI it offers and the benefits it brings your organization.

Workplace Analytics

Take employee engagement, communications, and knowledge management to the next level

Access tangible data about your digital workplace’s members and content. Pre-configured dashboards make this information easily accessible, while attractive and interactive visualizations deliver immediate insights in the form of summarized overviews and granular reports. Address the most common questions asked of digital workplace managers and administrators with Igloo Workplace Analytics.

Find your champions

Watch membership growth and identify behavioral archetypes such as creators, contributors, and consumers – and recognize the leaders in those categories. Then empower those leaders to increase uptake by sharing the value they’re realizing from the digital workplace.

Identify your popular content

Understand what content people are consuming and engaging with most. Perhaps there is an area that’s getting a lot of views, likes, and comments, but it requires updating. Gain insight into engagement behaviors so you can fix problem areas and make sure you’re prioritizing the right content.

Monitor overall health

Identify and track all types of activity over time, such as content that’s added and removed, as well as views, likes, comments, ratings, and more. Doing this lets you find areas of strength and weakness so you can adjust your digital workplace strategy for the long-term.

Site Analytics

Optimize your digital workplace with the right information at your fingertips

Igloo connects easily with the third-party website analytics tools you’re already familiar with – like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and more. This capability gives you insights into page views, time-on-page, user flow, and geographic breakdowns in order to optimize your site architecture and design. Just paste in your Google property ID or load the appropriate JavaScript file into Igloo – and watch the data roll in.

Understand user flow

Get data on overall traffic, the relationships between pages, and the paths people take to get what they need, or to do their work. Having this understanding will help you optimize your navigation and information architecture.

Assess page quality

Look at data such as time-on-page, bounce rates, and heat maps for clicks, scrolling, and user attention, to evaluate the overall quality of the individual solutions and pages you’ve configured. This information will help you make the right changes as they are needed.

Know where and how people are engaging

Leverage analytics to learn more about your users’ geography, and what devices and browsers they’re using so you can tailor your content and how it’s delivered.

Custom Reporting

Create tailored reports that deliver exceptional insight

Igloo Data Feeds provide the utmost flexibility in custom reporting, and they’re compatible with all Business Intelligence tools that support OData v4, including Microsoft Power BI and Excel.


Put all data on the table

With permissions to Igloo Data Feeds, you can extract any piece of data that is tracked and stored within the Igloo data warehouse. That means you can create reports tailored to your specific needs using your favorite tools.


Compare behaviors and performance

Use your favorite BI tools to draw in data points from multiple apps and systems. And compare behaviors and performance across your entire digital environment.


Leverage pre-built report tables

To support you in building meaningful reports and visualizations, you’ll have access to a variety of report tables that aggregate data and make it easier to consume.