Intranet Collaborative File Sharing

File sharing makes document collaboration simple, efficient, and attachment-free.

Collaboration needs to be easy and efficient to keep workflows moving at a competitive pace. Sifting through emails, address groups, and attachments just to share a document is a waste of your employees’ valuable time.

Streamline the process by storing files inside your Igloo. Then invite colleagues to review and edit the latest versions – without ever opening an attachment. It’s collaboration, simplified.

Built-in version control

Forget spending time searching your inbox for the most recent version of a file. With Igloo’s automatic version control, you’ll find the latest one on the preview page.

Regular updates

Follow a document to receive notifications when a new version is uploaded.

Document reservation

Reserve a document, and anyone who views or downloads it gets an automatic alert that changes are in the works.

Easy preview

Find what you need fast with Igloo’s preview feature for almost 100 file types (including Word, PowerPoint, and Photoshop). No more hunting for the right program to open the right file.

Email files into your Igloo

Folders and subfolders have associated email addresses, so you can email a file from your mobile device directly into your Igloo.

Desktop access

With the Igloo Desktop Client, you can access files stored in your Igloo from your desktop. And vice versa: open, edit and save files without leaving your Igloo.

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