Shared calendars let everyone stay on top of company happenings

Your company can’t afford duplicated effort and wasted time. Employees need to know who’s doing what, and when, in order to be productive

Igloo can keep everyone up to date with a company-wide calendar of meetings, events, and vacation schedules. Plus, individual teams can create calendars of project deadlines.

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Coordinate schedules

Invite people from inside and outside your Igloo to events. You can also add your Igloo calendar as an attendee to events right from Outlook or Gmail.

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Employees have enough mandatory meetings. Create open events (like webinars) and invite people to RSVP. It’s like an optional sign-up.

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Follow calendars and events

Get notified about event modifications, like timing and venue changes or new comments.

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Managers can approve events and vacation requests before they're published in the corporate calendar.

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Color code

See what’s coming up at a glance by organizing calendar entries in colour-coded channels (like meetings, project updates, and personal appointments).

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