Extranet & External Engagement Solutions

Any organization that regularly works with external stakeholders can benefit from extending their digital workplace. Beyond a traditional extranet, you need a truly networked enterprise that solves common communication and collaboration challenges across internal and external stakeholders and keeps everyone informed and engaged. Hosted in the cloud, Igloo extranet solutions extend beyond your firewall to give external members access to critical content, processes, and expertise in an intuitive and secure way.

Next level external engagement

Email shouldn’t be the only method of connecting with your partners, vendors, and customers. With multiple conversations on the go, information can get lost and details can get missed. Show your stakeholders there’s a much better way to share information and stay in touch.

Improve customer/member experience and satisfaction.

Communicate broadly and securely to users on any device.

Distribute collateral and supporting resources by target audience.

Collaborate from anywhere and reduce time spent in meetings.

Extend your digital brand and culture beyond your internal network.

Move beyond a traditional extranet

Build an extended digital workplace that connects people to the resources they need to solve critical business challenges.

Partner or Vendor Portal
Give partners and vendors easy and secure access to sales and marketing materials and support staff, preventing wasted time and duplicated efforts.

Franchise Network
Achieve consistency and efficiency across your franchise network by sharing marketing materials, training content, and company policies with franchisors.

Communities of Interest
Create conversations among special interest groups, like alumni networks and fundraising groups, to ensure everyone’s aligned to the same goals.

Customer Community
Drive customer loyalty and satisfaction by providing a safe place to ask questions, provide feedback, and share ideas about your product or service.

Communities of Practice
Create an area for your professional association to share updates, policies, and procedures, or organize the next conference or event.

Digital workplace solutions for your external network

With an Igloo extranet, you can select from a full portfolio of solutions and features to build and sustain a strong connection with your external network.


Create spaces for members to have confidential conversations and collaboration.

Anonymous Comments
Allow members to comment using an email address or display name, with or without moderation.

Anonymous User Access
Configure the site to allow any user – logged in or not – to access the information.

Public Registration
Control whether member registration requires approval, or if anyone can join.

+App Integrations
Integrate the file sharing, messaging, and other productivity apps you already use.

Superior search
Make it easy for members to find
the information they need to get
work done.

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