The Igloo Difference

A better way to power your digital workplace.

Do your tools do everything you need them to?

You may not know exactly what you're looking for, but you do know one thing: you need a way to communicate, collaborate, and share knowledge across your company. And you're ready to rein in all the apps and tools that are supposed to make you more productive, so that you can, well, be productive.

Don't settle on a one-trick pony

As you evaluate your options, look for a technology solution that does everything you need it to, and some things you've never even thought of.

Igloo is more than...

More than a social collaboration tool

Social collaboration tools like Workplace by Facebook, Yammer, and Slack make it easy for employees to connect with each other at work. But they fall short if you're looking for a solution with advanced knowledge management and corporate governance features.

Igloo is built for business. It creates connections between people at work, but not at the expense of productivity or engagement. Social interactions take place within the context of work, and it's easy to understand what activities are critical vs. extracurricular.

More than a company news blog

Top-down communication is an essential part of employee communications. Many companies use leadership blogs or mass emails to distribute company updates, but true engagement happens when conversations are driven from the bottom up.

With interactive features like newsfeeds and discussion forums, Igloo gives employees a channel to interact with (and celebrate) each other, from wherever they are.

More than a glorified document share

With shared drives or file-sharing apps like Box or Dropbox, it’s difficult to know which documents exist and where they’re all kept. Plus, there’s no simple way to collaborate on documents in context of your project.

With Igloo, your information can be stored as documents in searchable folders or as articles in a wiki that can be updated by anyone on your project team. And you can set permissions by group, so you know everyone who needs access has it, without ever involving IT.

More than a suite of apps

Staying productive can be difficult when you’re jumping from app to app to juggle your projects and workflows. Productivity suites like G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 offer all the tools you need, but they don’t offer an integrated view of all your work in one place.

Igloo provides a seamless user experience across native features and third party applications, including Google and Microsoft, so your work is woven together in a contextual, organized, and accessible way.

More than a deserted link farm

A list of links is the most basic way to point employees to important files and information. But it’s static, often outdated, and not very engaging, to say the least. Would you expect your customers to scroll through a list of links to learn more about your company? We didn’t think so.

With Igloo’s social features including liking, commenting, and rating, you can bring your content to life and on a dynamic and engaging platform that’s easy to update and easy to use.

More than an out-of-the-box solution

Your intranet is an online representation of your company and culture, so you should be able to build it to look, feel, and operate like you, not like the vendor you bought it from.

The Igloo platform is flexible and customizable. Using the site manager and drag-and-drop interface, you can configure your Igloo to match your company’s structure for easy and intuitive navigation. Plus, you can add your company logo, fonts, and colors to truly make it your own.

More than just another tool people won’t use

Some technology solutions take a long time to implement. And once they’re up and running, the real challenge kicks in: getting people to adopt it as part of their daily routine.

At Igloo, we don’t just hand you the product and walk away. We stick with you throughout the journey to help you design, build, and evolve an engaging digital destination that people will actually use.

Are you ready to start your journey?

Don’t be satisfied with a solution that doesn’t do everything you need it to. Choose a solution that solves your key challenges, engages your audience, and creates a digital work experience your people will love. Igloo provides all the communication, collaboration, and knowledge management features you need, right out of the box. Plus, if you already have tools you love, you can extend your Igloo by integrating leading cloud apps like Office 365, Google, Dropbox, Salesforce, and Slack.