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The social networking tools you love, made for business.


Share small bursts of information in real-time. Ask questions, request feedback, post updates and share ideas, all within the flow of work. Create threaded, context-rich discussions with the entire organization or within a team, and follow the people that matter most to you.


Make it easier for anyone to express their opinions, observations or expertise on specific topics, events or activities, with the entire network or within the confines of a small team.


Status updates

Let your co-workers know when you're on the road, in a meeting or busy. Keep them up to date with your current activities and stay current with their status, so you can work together more efficiently.


Direct Messages

Send messages to other members using single or multi-member messaging. Enable email notifications to have alerts sent directly to your inbox or mobile device.


A better way to create, organize and share content.


Create public or private spaces for organizing your teams, including by project, department, committee or task force.



Provide a way to organize, filter, present and share the most relevant digital content for a specific audience.



Stimulate conversation and debate using online discussions that are completely threaded and email-enabled.


Upload any file type, reserve, manage versions and enable conversations around those documents.



Make it quick and easy to co-create content, including shared policies and documentation, using a simple WYSIWYG editor.



Upload or embed video, organize photos into albums and convert images into slideshows with the click of a button.








Personalized for what matters to you.



 Team Space

 Project Space



Personal Dashboard

Keep an eye on what matters most with a customized view of your contacts, content and projects.

  • Personalize your activity stream by displaying the items you follow
  • Display the events that you care about in your personal calendar
  • Show a list of your contacts, their status and what they're working on

Team Space

Align your team around common goals and stay in sync by collaborating together in a virtual workspace.

  • Increase visibility to each users' tasks through activity streams
  • Use status, microblogs and messaging to narrate your work
  • Provide a single place to organize and share all information

Project Space

Run your projects more efficiently by making it easier to stay on top of critical tasks and key deliverables.

  • Schedule project meetings and critical milestones in a calendar
  • Move status updates out of the inbox and into a common workspace
  • Maintain a repository for all project processes and documentation

Cross-Platform Support

Connect with your colleagues or customers anywhere, anytime, whether you're at home, on the road or at the office.

  • Access your virtual workspace with simply a web browser
  • Manage files just like a shared drive with desktop integration
  • Stay updated on the go with a companion for your mobile device

The best social document management. Ever.

Secure document storage

Manage shared files quickly, easily and securely inside your organization or out. Set permissions on a folder or individual document, send large files as a link (rather than an attachment) and audit access and activity.


Lock files for editing, ensuring that other members do not overwrite your content, and manage versions to maintain a complete history of changes.


Inline Viewing

Preview, scan and print your killer proposals, presentations and spreadsheets right from within the browser - no downloads required.



Create unlimited folders to store and organize content and use the 'tree-view' to drill deep into large folder structures without leaving the page.



Rate or recommend content contributions using an anonymous five-star rating system.


Comment on any type of content in order to share progress, solicit feedback and garner approvals.


Follow any piece of content, receive updates and respond with comments in real-time.



Recycle Bin


Audit controls

Bulk uploads

Desktop client


Passive or aggressive, notifications keep you updated.


Get instant updates when content that you care about is updated.

  • User Control Choose what content is relative to you and your role
  • Frequency Set update schedule (daily, weekly, monthly or instant)
  • Content Types Follow people, content or an entire page

Activity streams

Stay informed with real-time activity feeds that keep you up-to-date on what you need to know. A centralized, company-wide activity stream displays everyone's activity. Or, use filters to display activity associated with a group, space or simply the content that you follow.


Notify everyone or specific groups when you have new content contributions, news or announcements.


Send messages to other members using single or multi-member messaging.


Stay informed and connected by posting and receiving updates directly through your preferred email client.


Find what you need. Faster.


People Search

Locate people and expertise right from the top-level search or click on a credential directly in a member's profile to locate individuals with similar skill sets or interests.

Use filters to narrow your search results to show all content authored or modified by a member.

Universal Search

Search all content quickly and easily, including pages, spaces, personal profiles and attachments.

Search Tips Click on 'search tips' to reveal helpful guidance for creating more advanced search queries (ex. using boolean operators).

Advanced Search Search exact phrases, specify terms to be included or excluded, and utlize logical operators like AND, OR and * wildcards.


Personal Profiles

Build a directory of rich user profiles and professional credentials in order to help facilitate expertise location.


Identify experts and the most active contributors by displaying points and badges directly on their profile.

Search Filters

Narrow your results by focusing on a particular application (e.g. blog, forum, wiki), content type or space.

Search Labels

Search for related content using one or more labels from a tag cloud to further refine results.


Activity Stream

Let information find you by dynamically displaying the most recent items added - from today's updates to the most recent contributions.


Optimize your social extranet for better search engine results by adding global and page specific meta tags and descriptions.


Powered by Igloo, designed by you.


An easy to use, widget-based system

Anyone can build a collaboration space with Igloo. No technical skills required. Choose an application, drag-and-drop widgets onto a page and edit content using a WYSIWYG editor. It's drop-dead simple.

Applications have been preconfigured for an array of business challenges, from improving enterprise-wide communication to enhancing team collaboration, or you can build a new one from scratch.

Plus, you can customize the complete interface and brand the application using custom themes, styles and Global CSS.


Site manager

Create a site map by adding, deleting, moving, renaming and editing pages.

Social analytics

Track user activity, influence and engagement in your community.

Domain mapping

Brand your site and optimize for search by setting a unique web address (URL).


Create localized translations with multilingual conversion capabilities.


More security than the Oval Office.

Audit Controls

Capture detailed audit trails to ensure that corporate data is safe and sound. With Igloo, all content and contributions are monitored, so any unauthorized access or activity can be tracked.


Apply permissions by group, role, application, page or space. Set access levels right down to an individual user or to a specific piece of content, like a document, forum post or blog.



Create a username and password, extend via Active Directory dual-factor authentication or create a custom method using the API.


Login from anywhere and feel confident about it. With SSL, data is sent over secure connections, all the time.


Rest easy. Your data is stored in an enterprise-grade data center managed by Savvis, a leader in managed hosting and infrastructure as a service.


Plays well with others.


Is your SharePoint implementation really nothing more than a glorified file share? No problem. With Igloo you can socialize your SharePoint content to drive business productivity, innovation and inform better business decisions.

Centralized Repository
Archive documents in SharePoint, but collaborate with Igloo

No Password Reentry
Easily move between SharePoint and Igloo with single sign-on (SSO)


Customer data trapped in your CRM? Start a conversation around your data by providing access to sales analytics inside your intranet. Insert reports and filtered lists of accounts and opportunities to better understand customer interactions.

Leads - Summarize status over time to manage your lead nurturing campaigns
Opportunities - Analyze how the opportunity pipeline is changing over time
Revenue - Compare overall sales performance versus your targets
Sales Leaderboard - Drill into sales performance by rep or by deal



Build custom integrations and connect virtually any enterprise application to your intranet or extranet using Igloo's open, REST-based APIs.

Google Analytics

Integrate Google Analytics into your corporate intranet or externally-facing online community in order to obtain real-time statistics on site traffic and usage patterns.

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