Digital Workplace Platform A departure from the traditional, archaic, and stale intranet systems we’ve come to know.

It fits into your culture and improves how you work

Igloo connects people to three things: people, information, and processes. Everyone has access to what they need, using tools they already know. And, it's a representation of your brand and culture, so it looks like you, not like Igloo.

Business challenges

Legacy intranet solutions are difficult to update and manage, leaving them stale, outdated, and unused. Igloo's digital workplace platform evolves with you and puts more control into the hands of the people who actually use it.


Igloo is 100% cloud hosted. Our secure SaaS model means upgrades are automatic and there are no servers to maintain. What will you do with all your free time?


Our built-in apps are easy to use, but developed and structured for the enterprise.

It works outside your company, too

Share information with your customers and partners.

Igloo was built for business, so your customers and partners can benefit from the same enterprise-grade security, document sharing, and multi-lingual collaboration options. You can even choose to have a fully public community, like a corporate extranet, or a hybrid community with both public and private spaces.