Communication drives your business. It should flow in all directions — from the top down, bottom up, and everywhere in between. But every message needs its medium. With a place for leadership blogging, employee chatter, company announcements, and much more, you can rescue key conversations from IM and email. And build a culture that treasures transparency, clarity and engagement.

Informed. Aligned. Engaged.

Bridge the divide: Create a human connection between executives and employees.

Enable conversations: Give employees easy-to-use tools to interact with each other online.

Share your strategy: Post your mission, vision, values, and objectives for everyone to see.

Highlight your culture: Make sure key accomplishments and exceptional people don’t go unnoticed.

Keep everyone informed: Publish company news, milestones, as well as policies and procedures.

Centralize communications: Evolve your approach by consolidating communications in one place.

Inform and engage with pre-built digital workplace solutions

Company news and updates while on the go

Today’s employees are always on the move. Whether they’re travelling, working from home, or helping customers, they need to keep a pulse on what’s happening around the company.

With the Igloo Digital Workplace app, remote employees can receive relevant updates and contribute to conversations — all from their mobile device, with no computer required.

Communication solutions built with features that make it easy to get your message across


Easily share leadership updates, culture stories, and HR and IT mandates — with easy-to-use publishing and distribution capabilities.


Create an interactive culture by giving employees an outlet to share ideas, ask questions, and have discussions.


Give teams, departments, and clubs an area to collaborate with each other and promote their latest projects.

People Directory

Find subject matter experts within your organization and unite people with similar interests​.

Read Tracking

Enable read tracking so users can acknowledge that they've read and understood a piece of content.

File Sharing

Upload, preview, and collaborate on all types of documents, it's efficient and attachment-free.

RSS Feeds

Keep an eye on what's happening online by displaying RSS feeds from external websites.


Store, update, and share policies and best practices across multiple authors and topics​.

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