It should be easy

Sharing can be tough, we know. But one thing’s for sure, technology shouldn’t stand in your way. Igloo makes it easy to share files and feedback so you can stop doing things the hard way and start working together to get stuff done.

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Silos are for farms

Break down the walls.

Without collaboration, we work in isolation and we waste time re-inventing the proverbial wheel. We work alone because connecting with others is scary or time-consuming. The result? We miss out on different perspectives and expertise (not to mention some serious networking opportunities). Igloo supports knowledge sharing that builds connections and makes people more productive. Finally, you can put your heads together instead of banging them against the wall.

There’s no crying in baseball collaboration

Get instant feedback.

With distributed teams, multiple contributors, and demanding deadlines, projects can seem never-ending... or worse, never-starting. Simplify the process by making information accessible to everyone who needs it, then let the collaborating begin. Collaborate in context by bringing people, information, and conversations together, with Igloo. Then, you’re just left with the simple task of overcoming your undying fear of feedback. #personalgrowth

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Teamwork rules

You’re either in or you’re out.

Whether you’re a team of 10 or 100, you need somewhere to collaborate. It might seem easy: a team drive for documents, a weekly meeting for discussions. But when collaboration extends beyond your team, it gets more complex. Think project teams, taskforces, committees, or clubs. No matter what team you’re on, Igloo gives you a place to organize documents, meetings, and conversations to call your very own.

“Being able to put a face to the name is a huge way to keep connected — particularly for new employees. Being able to find the right people for the right project is also great. Igloo helps keep that culture that we had when we were smaller even though we’re larger now.”

– Samantha Barrell, Process Improvement Manager at Anglia Farmers

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Team space

Introduce new employees to the team so they can get familiar with the projects, processes, and people in their first few days on the job.
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Prepare your draft and flag it for review. Your manager can approve it in the same window, so you’ll know when it’s ready to post.
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Document preview

Goodbye email attachments. Review the latest version of a file and provide your feedback in the same place.
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