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Aboot us

That's Canadian for "About us"

So, you want to know more about us?

We thought you’d never ask.

Well, when we’re not pouring milk out of bags (yep, bags), and munching on ketchup chips, Nanaimo bars, and poutine (Seriously? You haven’t lived.), we’re busy helping companies communicate and collaborate better with our award-winning intranet technology.

In a nutshell: we improve the way companies work every day. 

 canadian statue of liberty illustration

We're more than just 'America's toque'

In fact, we like to think that being Canadian puts us ahead of the curve when it comes to collaboration.

Maybe it’s our cooperative mindset (see: free universal healthcare), or our squad mentality. Like our home and native land, we have a strong sense of community and we celebrate our successes as a team. The fact of the matter is, the best intranet companies in the world call Canada home – and we’re leading the pack.

Our roots

Igloo helps improve communications for up-and-coming startups and globally recognized companies alike. To fully appreciate Igloo’s roots, you need a crash course in the place we call home: Kitchener-Waterloo.

Home to two universities, a college, thriving startups, and internationally recognized think-tanks, KW is the technology hub of the north. We’ve been thinking big from the very beginning. In fact, the idea for Igloo Software came out of our CEO Dan Latendre’s stint as Chief Information Officer at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI).

Dan launched Igloo Software as a company in 2008 and we’ve come a long way since. In 2015, we continued our seven-year streak in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, and landed on KMWorld’s list of 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management. Not too shabby.

CIGI building

Feeling growing pains? 

We totally get it.

We were named to Deloitte’s 2015 Fast 50 and Fast 500 – recognized as one of the fastest growing public and private technology companies in Canada, and North America respectively. 

Igloo is a SaaS company: we don’t just provide the technology, we offer solutions and support to solve your unique business challenges. And, we use what we learn inside our walls to inspire every next step we take with our technology and our customers.

fast 50 award logo


North America’s Fast 500 and Canada’s Fast 50
km world award logo

KM World

100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management
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SME 2016

Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers
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7 years in a row in the Gartner Magic Quadrant
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Ranked #1 for customer experience in the MarketScape for enterprise social
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Frost & Sullivan

Best Practices Award for product leadership in enterprise social

Take me to your leaders

Dan Latendre profile picture

Dan Latendre

Founder & CEO

Our resident movie buff, he has a soft spot for the 1988 Bette Midler classic, Beaches. If that isn't enough to convince you of his high-level management skills, he also has played key roles in the success of Canadian tech pioneers such as MKS, Delrina, and OpenText. While there, he launched products like the first wireless internet access package, first commercial search engine for the web, and the first web-based intranet application. In 2004, he became the CIO of the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI). There, he developed a technology that would later become the basis of Igloo. When your first client is the United Nations, you better believe things are gonna be serious.

Mark Stevenson profile picture

Mark Stevenson

VP, Finance

In his free time, Mark cycles long distances, does duathlons, and makes us question exactly how in shape we think we are. However, we're really happy to have him around, as he manages the money for Igloo. He is a chartered accountant, and has worked in the Canadian and U.S. markets, both for large companies and early-stage technology start-ups. We're kind of a mix of both of those right now, so he's a perfect fit.

Joe Capka profile picture

Joe Capka

VP, Technology

Joe met his wife while rollerblading around Amsterdam. Yeah, you read that right. On top of having one of the cutest beginning-of-romance stories, he's been working with web technology for two decades. He's owned his own successful consulting practice, worked for cutting-edge design agencies and for global multinationals, he's done it all. He's our technological whiz kid, our own intranet wunderkind.

Aneil Singh profile picture

Aneil Singh

VP, Technology Operations

We're gonna be honest, we hired Aneil off the fame he acquired for starring in a beer commercial in the 90s. Okay no, we hired him because he is the best IT guy we've ever met. He oversees all our data center operations, and considering our business model, that is quite the job. He's been working in IT for about 20 years, even before the cloud was a thing. That means he knows it in and out, and he applies that knowledge every day in his role at Igloo.

Tom Kane profile picture

Tom Kane

VP, Sales

Tom (or as he’s known around here, TKO) always dreamed of putting his useless music trivia to the test during a Ken Jennings style streak on Rock and Roll Jeopardy. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. Thankfully, he had 20 years of sales experience in his back pocket. Tom draws on that knowledge to lead our awesome sales team here at Igloo and is dedicated to coaching, mentoring, and developing the careers of those around him.

Stephen Rahal profile picture

Stephen Rahal

Director, Marketing

When he’s not shooting hoops and spitting some sick 90s raps, Stephen owns the go-to-market strategy here at Igloo. Known around the office as Igloo’s “human internet,” Stephen brings a wealth of knowledge (and a pile of open web tabs) to his role as Director of Marketing. His extensive experience in professional service and high-tech industries (from startups to global organizations), has been instrumental in growing the marketing team here at Igloo. 

Chris Myers profile picture

Chris Myers

VP, Alliances

When Chris isn’t coaching his kids’ sports teams, you can usually find him trying to lower his golf handicap one painful stroke at a time. Thankfully, his approach to building up the Igloo partner ecosystem is pain-free. Having built and maintained technology partnerships for both fast-growth and mature software companies internationally, he brings years of experience to Igloo. He’s focused on making sure our partner strategy drives value for users and partners alike.

Bob Mathers profile picture

Bob Mathers

Director, Customer Success

Bob has a penchant for sweater vests – if he isn’t wearing one at your next meeting, they’re either in the wash, or it’s summer. Speaking of summer, Bob bought his first real six-string at the five-and-dime, which coincidentally is where he first became interested in a career in customer success. Seriously though, with over 20 years of experience he knows a thing or two (aka: all the things) about how to weave customer success into everything we do here at Igloo.

Jvette Nanasi profile picture

Yvette Nanasi

Director, Sales

Yvette is the general to our sales army. The quarterback to our Super Bowl winning team of sales executives. You get the drift. She has over twenty years of progressive software and marketing industry background, including national product development, management, multi-channel distribution and sales. When Yvette is not busy teaching her vast knowledge to new employees and being a mom, she enjoys reading, movies, golf, and fishing.

Steve Jones profile picture

Steve Jones

Director, Customer Support & Training

Steve is another great addition to our team of "people who have spent many years in another trailblazing Canadian tech company." That category is growing by the day. He spent eight years working in technical support operations at BlackBerry. His experience managing customer implementations and support around the globe is a great asset for us as we grow bigger and bigger.

Christine Ley profile picture

Christine Ley

Manager, Human Resources

Christine lived in Japan for two years, and while there, climbed Mount Fuji overnight to reach the summit at sunrise. You know, no biggie. Before she joined Igloo, she grew the staff of a business unit of the publicly traded Linamar by 500%. Sure, it was a different industry, but tech goes even faster than that. She helps us find the best and brightest as we keep expanding.


So, you want to join the team? Get in line.

Sure, our collaboration solution is making life a whole lot easier for organizations around the world. But, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. Life inside the Igloo is just like you might imagine. Treats every pay day, flex hours, nerf gun fights on the regular, and hover boards to get from meeting to meeting. So, pretty much your standard office. #flareisoptional

More importantly, Igloo employees are valued for their accomplishments and experience. We truly pride ourselves on our flat organization. Everyone at Igloo has a voice and everyone’s role is important in our continued growth and success.

Pretty neat, eh?

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