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IT is the engine that keeps operations running. Ensuring smooth, uninterrupted operations is crucial, but it’s a tough job if you are faced with diminishing resources and increasing number of complex applications to support. We understand that you need affordable technology that can integrate and scale to meet the demands of the IT department and the rest of the organization you support. We have digital workplace solutions that can make it happen.

Solutions for IT

IT Help Desk
Governance Center

Social Zone
Company Directory
Onboarding Center

Drive efficiencies and productivity with a secure digital hub

Igloo’s digital workplace platform enables your organization to create a single point of access to people, process and applications across your organization. The result, improved productivity, information sharing and engagement — and your IT staff resources focused on further optimizing your organization’s tech ecosystem.

Reduce department silos

Bring content and conversations together into a single destination where collective wisdom can grow – and innovation can flourish.

Lessen burden on IT

Igloo’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface make it easy for a self-service culture. So you can get your digital workplace up and running (and managed) with no major burden on IT.

Securely hosted on Azure

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, your organization can benefit from on-demand scalability, as well as the most robust global standards for security and privacy, compliance, and performance.

Scale with your organization

Our SaaS model means we consistently deliver new features and enhancements, providing IT teams the flexibility to quickly respond to  business needs and the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Connect employees anywhere

Igloo’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for a self-service culture. So you can get your digital workplace up and running (and managed) with no major burden on IT.

Integrations made easy

Maximizing your technology investments, Igloo integrates with Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, Zendesk, and many others. And our Developer Program makes it easy to extend the platform to your unique needs.

Solutions built to solve key business challenges

Igloo provides digital workplace solutions targeted to solve your most pressing business challenges in IT and across your organization. These pre-built solutions have been honed and perfected over time, based on our experience implementing over thousands of digital workplaces.

IT help desk solution for intranet software

Accelerate access

Give employees direct access to IT, and reduce the number of simple, repeatable incidents and service requests by surfacing FAQs and self-service fixes to common issues.

IT Help Desk

Newsroom solution for intranet software

Drive the dialogue

Create channels for topic/team/project news and industry updates – so everyone knows what’s happening in IT.


Governance solution for intranet software

Compliance  made easy

Set up a searchable policy index, email reminders, and “read receipts” to ensure employees are on top of the latest policies and procedures.

Governance Room

Social zone solution for intranet software

Culture matters

Build a digital focal point for events, clubs, and activities, and encourage social chatter and engagement across all teams.

Social Zone

Company directory solution for intranet software

Who fits where

Help employees understand where they sit in the organizational structure, and make it easy to find the right person with the right expertise.

Company Directory

Onboarding solution for intranet software

Fast-track productivity

Get a complete solution for employee onboarding, from a welcome space to on-the-job training.

Onboarding Center


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Document, update, and share IT policies and best practices across multiple authors and topics.

Add custom integrations like Zendesk so your support is front and center, not hidden away.

Spark discussions, propose ideas, ask questions, and solve IT problems. Together.

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