Igloo for IT

IT is the engine that keeps today’s organizations running. Ensuring smooth, uninterrupted digital operations is crucial, but it’s a tough job with diminishing resources and increased complexity. IT needs affordable, simple tools that drive productivity, communication, and collaboration. Igloo’s digital workplace solutions can make it happen.

Streamline IT with a secure digital hub

A digital destination for IT saves resources, boosts efficiency, and frees up IT staff for what really matters – optimizing your organization’s tech ecosystem.

Lessen the load

Reduce the burden on IT with Igloo’s cost-efficient SaaS model, and enable a self-service culture with low-maintenance digital workplace solutions.

Unite organizational knowledge

Bring IT content and conversations together in a single destination where collective wisdom can grow – and innovation can flourish.

Protect your assets

​Hosted in a secure private cloud, Igloo’s solutions reinforce IT efforts to mitigate the growing risk of cybercrime. ​

Solutions to your IT challenges

Igloo’s intuitive, configurable, easy-to-use platform and ready-made solutions help you solve the challenges you face every day – and the ones that haven’t come up yet.

Accelerate access

Give employees direct access to IT, and reduce the number of simple, repeatable incidents and service requests by surfacing FAQs and self-service fixes to common issues.

Drive the dialogue

Create channels for topic/team/project news and industry updates – so everyone knows what’s happening in IT.

Compliance made easy

Set up a searchable policy index, email reminders, and “read receipts” to ensure employees are on top of the latest policies and procedures.

Culture matters

Build a digital focal point for events, clubs, and activities, and encourage social chatter and engagement across all teams.

Who fits where

Help employees understand where they sit in the organizational structure, and make it easy to find the right person with the right expertise.

Fast-track productivity

Get a complete solution for employee onboarding, from a welcome space to on-the-job training.


Blogs and Forums
Spark discussions, propose ideas, ask questions, and solve IT problems. Together.

Deliver IT updates, share links, and more – quickly and easily.

Document, update, and share IT policies and best practices across multiple authors and topics.

Use shared calendars to keep everyone in the loop on IT events.

Create areas for collaborating across teams, projects, departments, clubs, or committees.

Keep track of everything on your to-do list with streamlined task management and project tracking features.